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On the company’s official website, there is a demo of QuickBooks online that can you explore the features. For Briton users there is QuickBooks online demo UK that can be access on the website too. One thing that the Intuit team is clear on, in their QuickBooks online video demo is that they don’t allow bank connections in sample companies. This is to make sure the security of the user is upheld during test drives. So, for those looking to test online banking functionality, they are directed to use either active or trial QuickBooks online account.

QuickBooks Key Features

  • Focus is on the target audience- If you google “QuickBooks online demo company”, you’ll be able to see that the message of the official demo from Intuit is directed at the audience. The message doesn’t center around QuickBooks online.
  • Length- QuickBooks online demo is concise and straight to the point.
  • Powerful opening- The opening of the demo captures the attention of the viewer.

FreshBooks - The Better Alternative to QuickBooks

A lot of accounting software video demos lean more towards production. The production aspect involves cool animation effects and eye catching visuals. This puts the most important part in the backburner which is the script. But with FreshBooks, the demo delivered by their team is nothing short of exemplary. It is informative – showing the viewer how to install the program first. Secondly, is how to create an account followed by the navigation in the dashboard. Lastly is the countless features and their functionalities.

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Key Features of FreshBooks

  • Color scheme matches the brand logo- The color scheme used in Freshbooks’ demo matches the one in the logo. This creates an engaging platform with the viewer.
  • Language- The language used in the demo is simple and avoids jargon. This ensures the point is driven home in a simple way.
  • Scripting is on point- The content is compelling and has the audience interested. There is step by step explanation which helps even those without accounting skills.
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Why Choose Freshbooks

Besides being one of the best accounting software in the market, Freshbooks has been conscious of their users. Freshbooks has gone out of their way to ensure the users have the best experience managing their businesses. This has been achieved by the avoidance of high density information. Although they might have been inclined to go in to detail with most things, they stayed the course. They give 4 of the most important features that include creating invoices, filing financial reports, tracking inventory and bookkeeping. Since these are most of the important tasks in accounting, they deliver on that front in an outstanding manner.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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