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How to Print PDF Files

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PDF files are viewable on just about any mobile device. It is easy to open PDF files making PDF the best format for sharing documents. But not very application or device can support exporting different file formats to PDF, this is where PDF Printers come in. PDF Printers make it possible for you to create a PDF file from any program by mimicking a Printer, allowing you to print PDF files very easily. In this article, we are going to look at the best software to print PDF files and provide you with a complete guide on how to print PDF files.

The Best Software to Print PDF Files

print pdf

As you can already guess, to effectively print PDF files, you need a program that is designed to handle all aspects about PDF files. That program is none other than Wondershare PDFelement. It is your best bet when looking for how to print PDF files because it comes packed with professional tools that allow you to open, transform, combine, organize, convert, edit, annotate and even print PDF files with ease.

  • It is very useful when it comes to creating PDFs. You can even insert new pages into an existing PDF document.
  • You can use Merge & split feature to combine multiple file formats such as Word, Excel and PDF or even separate large PDF files into individual PDF documents.
  • Before you can print PDF documents, PDFelement allows you to edit the document. You can add and remove text or even add and remove images. You can also annotate the document, adding comments, markups, highlight and even underline text.

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How to Print a PDF File in Windows

Detailed Guide for Printing PDF Files

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Under "Print Mode" drop down options, click the "Multiple" and then choose "2 pages per sheet". This will print double-sided.
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How to Print PDF on Mac
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How to Print Locked PDF
You can use this tool unlock the PDF and then print the PDF file easily.
How to Print PDF with Comments
If you have added comments or other annotations on the PDF, you should be able to see them in the printed document.
How to Print a Secured PDF
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How to add a PDF Printer
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How to Print PDF on iPad
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How to Print a Protected PDF
If you don't know the password, you should use this way to unlock the document and print normally.

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