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Meet the Smarter Siri in iOS 11

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If you are a person who loves using Siri on your device, you will be amazed by the great changes that are coming to the digital assistant. Apple has announced a lot of changes and tweaks that will be coming to Siri later this year during the launch of iOS 11. There are a lot of assortment of big upgrades being made to the artificial intelligent helper which were not there in iOS 10. The updates are discussed in the next part of this article.

Part 1The Exact Changes of Siri and How Siri Can Do in iOS 11

1. A Better Sounding Voice

ios 11 siri

Siri is getting a new voice for both male and female which makes the assistant sound more natural and less like T-900 Terminator robot. The difference can be noticed in the infection and the way the assistant pronounces long sentences. Siri is getting a more human voice to punctuate its advancement in artificial intelligence.

2. Instant Translations

siri Instant Translations

Siri in iOS 11 will get a new instant translation that will excite many people especially the travelers. The new version can translate from English to other languages such as Germany, Chinese, French, Italian and Chinese. The translation can affect the way people behave while traveling since Siri can speak the language out loud. For instance, you can get translations by just asking, "Siri, how do I say I want a cookie in Spanish?" and Siri will say it loud for you. The version can only translate from English, but more languages will be added with upgrades to the iOS 11.

3. Contextual Awareness

siri Contextual Awareness

The new version of Siri can now understand how you are using your phone during the day, in greater details and it will utilize the knowledge to make smarter decisions and suggestions for you. Siri will be suing the "On-device learning" to suggest things like responding with your calendar and location thus making replying on the go much easier.

The digital assistance will also be able to suggest things that you might like such as the news articles. For instance, if Siri notices that you are reading stories about Iceland in the Safari browsers, then it might start suggesting Iceland related articles from the News app.

4. Better Security and Skills

Better Security and Skills

The "On Device learning" is more secure than the alternative assistants such as the Google Assistant. The Siri experiences will be synced across devices, and the data will remain private to users. It means that the Apple is not going to sell your activity to advertisers, but all data is kept private to every individual. There will also be more third-parties support to allow the developers to integrate new and better experiences into Siri.

5. Extension of the Sirikit


The Sirikit has been extended for developers, but it will also enable more functionality to customers since the enhancements support third party apps.

6. Visual Interface

Visual interface

The new Siri has a visual interface which allows follow-up questions to the users and more interaction.

7. Typing of Queries

Typing of Queries

According to the new look of Siri, it is more likely that users will be able to type queries into Siri rather than being forced to speak them out loud. The upgrade will support more privacy especially if the users wants to ask a question in a crowded place.

Part 2The Comparison of the Siri On iOS 11 And iOS 10

ios 10 vs ios 11 siri

The iOS 10 lacks the translation feature, and you cannot use Siri to translate what you say. Unlike the iOS 10, the iOS 11 Siri allows you to translate what you say in English to other languages like Germany, French, Italian, and Chinese. Although the Siri can only translate from English, it will help users especially if an individual is a foreign land where people do not understand English.

The iOS 10 Siri lacks the intelligence to understand contexts. It cannot use your context usage to predict or suggest things for you. On the other hand, the Siri in iOS 11 can use the on device learning to discover more about the user and improve suggestions when you are in particular apps. For instance, if a user is looking for a specific topic of place in Safari, Siri can give suggestions to the related words and items in messages, email, and other apps.

ios 10 vs ios 11

The voice of Siri in iOS 10 is different with the voice in Siri of iOS 11. The voice in Siri of iOS 10 sounds less natural, and it sounds more like a robot terminator. However, the voice of Siri in iOS 11 sounds more natural for both male and female.

The Siri in iOS 10 forces users to speak queries loud, but the Siri in iOS 11 allows them to type the queries rather than speaking them out loud thus enhancing some privacy to the users and also avoids disruptions.

Wondershare Editor

Posted by to iOS 11 | Follow @margaretecottyg
Published: Jul 11,2017 17:03 pm / Updated: Jul 12,2017 11:55 am

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