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Apple will celebrate a 10-year anniversary this year with the release of new iPhone. In 2007, Apple completely changed the world of mobile and cell phones with the release of the first iPhone. Back then, companies did not believe a phone with a touch screen is possible, or even needed on the market. But when Apple released the first iPhone, things changed. The new iPhone 8 will be the 10th model of the iPhone. Apple will release the phone this fall, and the Cupertino-based company has been preparing for this particular model in a while.

What will be New in iPhone 8

The biggest change in the iPhone 8 will be the new operating system. Apple will release the phone with the new iOS 11. The company has released the public beta for the new operating system. Another big change is the new design. But let’s go step by step.

The new iPhone 8 will feature an 5.8nches, 2.5D OLED edge-to-edge display. This is the similar design Samsung used for the Galaxy S8. The new design will feature an-all glass construction with home button and Touch ID embedded in the display. There are rumors that the Touch ID might be located on the back of the phone. Apple is still deciding on the fingerprint technology. There are three options, one of which includes creating a pinhole through the glass for an optical sensor.

There will be new security features, including iris scanning and facial recognition. Apple will use LG’s new 3D sensor technology for the security features. That means Apple will certainly support augmented reality applications.

iPhone 8 will support wireless charging, something previous models of the device did not. Yes, you can add wireless charging to iPhone 7, but you have to buy a special case for that.

iphone 8 release date

On the hardware part, Apple will use the new A11 chip for the iPhone 8. Other specs are unknown, but some rumors suggest Apple will dump the 32GB base model and offer the new device in 64GB and 256GB versions. The company ditched the 16GB model last year when it released the iPhone 7. Some rumors also suggest a better RAM memory, boosted up to 3GB.

The camera will get an upgrade as well, with several rumors suggesting a vertical dual camera on the back of the phone. The LED flash is positioned in the middle.

One thing that fans have been craving is the return of the headphone jack. That will not be the case. However, there are rumors that the iPhone 8 will come with the Lighting connector, but Apple will include a 3.5mm headphone jack connector. You can charge the phone using a USB-C charger that will lead to the Lighting connector of the phone.

The biggest upgrade is in the software department. The new iOS 11 is still very much under testing, but there are some interesting stuff in there. One video showed more than 25 new features in iOS 11. If half of them make it to the iPhone 8, we will be happy. Some of the big changes include improved Siri, indoor maps for Apple Maps, DND while driving urgent feature, new long press tab options, Landscape safari tab for smaller devices (like iPhone 8), and much more.

iphone 8 release date

iPhone 8 Release Timetable

For several years now, Apple announces the new iPhone in September, and the phone goes on sale in the same month. That might not be the case with the new iPhone 8.

As early as May, there were reports that the production of the new iPhone 8 might be delayed. One of the reasons is there were problems with manufacturing the new substrate-like circuit boards. The new circuit board will make its appearance in all new iPhones, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S.

That being said, the iPhone 8 will be announced in September as it stands now. However, the device will go on sale in October.

Just for comparison, last year, Apple announced the iPhone 7 on September 7. The phone was available on September 16.

There are reports coming that the production of the device is on schedule. However, technically speaking, public availability of the new phones in October still represents a slight delay compared to previous years.

iphone 8 release timeline

iPhone 8 Price

Apple will release three new iPhones this year. Two will be minor S upgrades, and an all-new iPhone 8. Every year, the new iPhone costs slightly more than the previous model. According to some reports, this might be the year we see an iPhone with a price tag of $1,000+.

Some reports suggest a price in the range of $850 to $1,099. The higher price is for the highest-spec iPhone 8 model.

iphone 8 price
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