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The Benefits of PDF for Legal Document Workflow

There are a lot of file format options for legal document workflow, but why is it that PDF is the best? In the legal industry, it is essential for the document to meet the necessary requirements given by the court. For legal purposes, the chosen format should be secured enough. In this guide, we have some of the top benefits of PDF documents in the legal arena.

Part 1. The Benefits of PDF for Legal Document Workflow

Pdf is one of the most economical and practical file formats. It is efficient in meeting the requirements of a legal document. It is a format that cannot be modified without leaving an electronic trail. Well, here are more benefits of PDF files for legal document workflow.

Document-Level Security

Sharing a document multiple times on the internet surely puts its security at risk, and you certainly can’t risk the security of your legal documents. However, pdf format gives you a lot of ease in this case. Your legal firm will never stress about anyone viewing or altering the legal documents as you can utilize the option of password security to enhance the safety of the document. A password protect document requires passwords from unauthorized users before allowing them to view or alter the content. Even if the password is breached, you will be able to recognize the account accessing the document.


The best part about a pdf file is that it can be shared a million times without any stress of losing the actual content. It was designed to create documents that can be shared over and over again. It can be shared on multiple computer platforms. No matter what the specification of the device is, if it supports pdf file, the representation of the document will not be affected. It will appear the same on PC and Mac. The layout, design, and everything else will be exactly the same as set by the author.

Less Paper

Technological advancements throughout the world have decreased the use of paper. Paper documents can be converted into pdfs and pdfs can be converted into paper documents. As everything is shifting online, pdf files are easily transferred from one device to another, decreasing the usage of paper. You don’t have to print a document and get it signed before sending it to anyone. You can use the feature of digital signature and share the pdf file with anyone anytime.

Decrease File Size

There is no doubt that device storage is a serious problem in this part of the century. It is always suggested to decrease the size of the file as much as possible. However, while dealing with pdfs, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the document if you’re planning the decrease the size of the file. You can also merge multiple documents into one.

Interactive Documents

Pdfs are highly interactive documents if you have the right tool to use. You can add hyperlinks, rich media, audio, texts, and whatnot. You have a decent amount of commenting features. If you work in an office, your colleagues can easily view and comment on the documents you’ve shared with them. In the legal industry, the documents can be reviewed conveniently.

Searchable PDF

It is surely troubling to deal with lengthy pdf files. Finding a specific section becomes hectic when you’re without the search option. The PDF format allows you to search the document easily. It also gives you the option to link sections to their appropriate pages in the file as you can organize the document with the help of a table of contents. Legal documents may get lengthy sometimes, but if they are in pdf format, there’s nothing to worry about.


The size of the technology is getting smaller day by day. The world is struck by a powerful technological change. The value of information is increasing at a rapid speed. People have shifted much of their workload to mobile phones. Almost every device has an adobe reader that allows you to view the pdf file on mobile without any hurdles. You can access pdf files on any device anywhere anytime.

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Part 2. Five Reasons That Law Firms Choose PDF/A

Here are the five reasons because of which law firms choose PDF/A.

Archiving e-mails as PDF/A

The advancements in electronic media have allowed more and more correspondence sent by email and most of it is contractual in nature. Archiving email to PDF/A is facile to implement using several tools.

Plans, maps, and design drawings

Compressing architectural drawings, digital maps, construction plans, and multiple other entities to small PDF/A is not a hard task to do. By compressing, you should not be concerned about the formatting of the document, as it won’t be disturbed.

Signed digital contracts

One of the most efficient uses of PDF/A is signed digital contracts. As we step into the vast world of electronic media, the percentage of business correspondence sent electronically is escalating. To enable legally effective contracts, PDF/A documents can be signed easily. You don’t need to print out the document to sign it, signed digital contracts have made advancements in businesses. More and more companies are adapting to signed digital contracts.

Correct colors in image documents

PDF/A document surely doesn’t annoy you regarding the colors. It enables the accurate display of colors. May it be insurance claims or medical reports, the quality of the content will never be compromised. The colors of images play a significant role in the overall outlook of the document. Any mismanagement in the colors of an image can change the whole representation of the documents.

Accessible PDF files

Accessibility has always been an issue, but not in the case of pdf files. To visually impaired members of society, enabling the accessibility of information has played a vital role. PDF/A efficiently supports structured content in PDF documents. Creating an accessible pdf document is ideal.  


Pdf format has become an important part of our work from home decorum. This format was created back in 1993, but it is getting more significant day by day. Users always look for a format that is highly accessible and compatible. For legal purposes, there is no format better than pdf. In legal documents, security can never be compromised. PDF is one of the most secure formats, as it keeps the track of users who have accessed your document. However, it is suggested to use all the features of this format efficiently.


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