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Dates are very crucial to taxes. In the United States of America, if you miss the deadline and owe Uncle Sam, then you may end up owing and paying even more penalties. This is why the Internal Revenue Service announces any tweak in connection with the 2018 tax filing deadline. The issue comes from the confluence of task deadlines with federal and state holidays. This is what we shall be looking at in this write up.

Tax Deadline for Filing 2018 Tax Returns

The tax deadline for 2018 tax returns is on the April 17th. However, most people will have up to April 17th, 2018 to file their returns and make the first 2018 estimated tax payment. The following table summarizes the dates and deadlines for filing 2018 tax returns.

2018 Filing Due Date (Tax Year 2017) Form
January 31st Form W-2 (electronic or mail)
March 15th Form 1065 – Partnerships
March 15th Form 1120S – S Corporations
April 17th Form 1040 – Individuals
April 17th FinCEN 114 – FBAR (will be allowed to extend)
April 17th Form 1041 – Trusts and Estates
April 17th Form 1120 – C Corporations
May 15th Form 990 Series – Tax Exempt Org
July 31st Form 5500 Series – Employee Benefit Plan
September 17th Form 1065 Extended Return
September 17th Form 1120S Extended Return
October 1st Form 1041 Extended Return
October 15th Form 1120 Extended Return
October 15th Form 1040 Extended Return
October 15th FinCEN 114 (Extended with Form 1040)
November 15th Form 990 Series Extended Return
November 15th Form 5500 Series Extended Return

These Tips can be Helpful In Case You Miss the Deadline

  • If for any reason you miss the tax filing deadline on April 17th or the associated extension, then the following tips will be helpful.
  • File Immediately: You are supposed to file as soon as you can in this situation. This is necessary in order to stop the interest and penalties that you will owe. The IRS Direct Pay offers a direct, secure and easy way to pay your tax directly from your saving or checking account. However, note that there is actually no penalty for late filling if you are due for a refund. But the earlier you file, the earlier you get it.
  • Pay As Much As You can afford to pay: In a case where you owe taxes but cannot pay in full, then it is advisable to pay as much as you can when filing your tax return. Note that the IRS electronic method is the easiest and fastest way to pay your taxes. Pay the balance you still owe as soon as possible to reduce your future interest and penalties.
  • Pay Over time with the IRS.gov tool: You can apply for an installment agreement with IRs if you still more time to pay your taxes. Use the IRS online payment agreement tool to apply and set up a direct debit agreement with the IRS.gov tool.
  • Use the IRS e-File for your taxes: This is the safest, easiest and accurate way to file your taxes.

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