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Efficient Ways to Split PDF on Linux

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There are various software and online PDF divider available to divide PDF pages into multiple PDF files in Windows. The most ideal way to divide PDF file is to use the most trustworthy Wondershare PDFelement or you can use other software and online tools to do it. The article bellow will present various PDF divider tools with their key features.

Part 1Split PDF on Linux with Ghostscript

You can split PDF files using Ghostscript. For Linux users, it is expected that Ghostscript is already installed on your system. Once this is confirmed to be true, you can us this simple script in the following order.

 break pdf online

Step 1: #!/bin/bash # Usage ./PDFsplitr.sh inputfile.PDF outputfile.PDF pagenumber # Example: ./PDFsplitr.sh myfile.PDF myotherfile.PDF 2 GS=$(which gs) # Make sure Ghostscript is installed if [[ $GS = "" ]] then echo "Ghostscript is not installed" exit fi # Run the actual conversion. $GS -sDEVICE=PDFwrite -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sOutputFile=$2 -dFirstPage=$3 -dLastPage=$3 $1

Step 2: Provide the file you wish to split, the output file and page number in this form.
./PDFsplitr.sh myoriginal.PDF mysplittedfile.PDF 2

Step 3: Save your script to 'PDFsplitr.sh' .

Part 2Available PDF Toolkits for Splitting PDF on Linux

1. PDFtk

split pdf linux

PDFtk is a toolkit for merging, splitting and attaching files to PDF documents on Linux. In fact, splitting files with the PDFtk is a very interesting experience. For example, if you want to remove some specific pages 20 to 25 from a PDF document, all you need do is to type the command "PDFtk myDocument.PDF cat 1-9 26-end output removedPages.PDF ".

Key Features:

  • It has the "Burst" option which gives users the opportunity to split a PDF into multiple files by making it one file for each page.
  • It has the ability to remove specific PDF pages from a file easily.
  • PDFtk is very flexible and with practice.

2. PDF-Shuffler

divide pdf files

The PDF Shuffler is a small Python-GTK application that is capable of splitting and merging PDF files on Linux. You can install it manually which is an easy option or use the supper command sudo apt-get install PDFshuffler.

Key Features:

  • When it involves multiple PDF files, you can separately open each file by re clicking the Import button.
  • It is important to note that these pages will be added on the viewing window as a series of Thumbnail views.

Part 3Best Solution for Splitting PDF on Windows

split pdf windows

Wondershare PDFelement is an all in one tool that can be used to carry out a large variety of PDF tasks on Windows. One of such tasks is the splitting of PDF documents. It can split PDF files with a high level of customization.

Tips for Splitting PDF on Windows

  • To get started, you will have to go the Pages menu on the right Tools pane and click the "Split Document" button. This will enable a pop up which then allows you to do your settings. For example, you can split document by number of pages, odd or even pages. You can also customize the page you want to split, enter page number as well as select page range.
  • Or you can also turn to the Crop function to extract specific PDF pages or images, save them in local folder for future use.
  • Note that there are limitations to the trial version of this software and you are encouraged to get the paid version for accessing its full features.

Part 4Best Tool for Splitting PDF on Mac

split pdf on mac

Wondershare PDFelement for Mac is highly capable software which can be used to split PDF documents on Mac. In fact, it is regarded as the best desktop tool for splitting PDF documents for mac users. It is simple and offer top quality outputs for users. This tool also allows for top customizations during the splitting process.

Tips for Splitting PDF on Mac

  • It is important to note that on PDFelement for Mac, users have the option of cropping, inserting, merging , extracting pages under its Page Menu. You can split or cut the PDF files or pages with the aplitting socument a or cropping page functions.
  • Note that there are limitations to the trial version of this software and you are encouraged to get the paid version for accessing its full features.
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Published: Jan 25,2016 19:36 pm / Updated: Feb 25,2017 10:13 am

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