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Android PDF Editor: 3 Highly-Ranked Apps for You

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PDF is a safe and reliable way to transfer documents. As its name implies, PDF is portable and mobile, because of the fact that it transforms all text into images. This allows users to view it on many devices that don't support traditional text formats. One practical and common reason why a person would want to edit a PDF file on Android or iOS mobile phones is that they are collaborating with a person, or a group of people on a project, and wish to make changes from a location where there is no computer connected with internet. In this case, editing a PDF file on mobile phones would enable a person to make changes to presumably important information on demand. This will allow them to meet quotas and deadlines, and consequentially satisfy the demands of the people they are working with. Another scenario in which a person would want to edit a PDF file if they download an electronic book. Most electronic books come in PDF format. Editing a book in PDF format would enable a person to make notations, which is a nifty task for someone engaged in comprehensive study, like a college student. In order to edit PDF on Android, there are many Android PDF editors apps available on the market. Check the list below. You can also check the best PDF editor app for iOS here.

Part 1: Top 3 PDF Editors for Android


android pdf editor

PDF Max is a fully functional as well as complete PDF editor. It gives you the ability to insert, delete, copy, paste, and extract individual PDF pages. It also has a special feature called text reflow that makes it easy to read PDF pages. This means that you do not have to constantly adjust the view. The text to speech functionality allows users to listen to the text of PDF files on the go. If you do not feel like scanning, you can just plug in your earphones and listen. You have the option of viewing one PDF page at a time, or doing a full vertical scroll through each page. If you need to complete a form, PDF Max has full form filling capabilities, and supports complex field validations and calculations.

PDF Max also has extensive annotating capabilities. Its Zoom-in-writing feature allows you to zoom in while you are writing. This feature is exclusive only to PDF Max. You also have not only the ability to directly type onto the PDF, but also draw on it. You also have the ability to leave comments and create conversations with other people. This allows you to collaborate with multiple people at once, appropriate for communicating with others on an important project. If you do not like writing your annotations, you don't have to worry. PDF Max lets you speak directly into your phone, and creates voice annotations, anywhere on the text you choose. You can also draw a variety of shapes with your fingers, including rectangles, lines, ovals, poly-lines, and polygons with intelligent snapping. The only disadvantage is the price. Many people would be reluctant to pay $7 for the app, especially since there are a handful of bad reviews. This does not take anything away from the software. It is still the best editor out there.

2. PDF Editor Text

pdf editor android

PDF Editor Text is a free editor that provides basic PDF manipulation functionality. You have the option to edit the font, size, and color of the text. But it doesn't allow you to edit any image. There are no special features for viewing PDF pages, and you are not able to insert, delete, or reorder the PDF pages. You are limited to simply editing the text that is presented to you.

The only advantage to using this app is its unique feature of modifying PDF text. Most other PDF editors only allow you to annotate and insert text, but they do not allow you to edit text formatting in any way. With this app, you are able to format the text as you wish. The disadvantage is that the functionality appears to be limited. You cannot annotate, or manipulate images, a feature provided in most other PDF editors.

3. PDF File Editor

pdf editor for android

PDF File Editor has the primary functionality of adding watermark to your text. This is useful in the event that you want to brand a PDF file. Perhaps you work for a big company and they require that you brand all materials with their custom watermark. All that is required for you to add a watermark is to simply open a PDF file in the application and select the watermark option. Although the primary function of PDF File editor is to edit PDF files, it can also perform a number of other functions, such as password protection and renaming. PDF File Editor is another Android PDF editor that performs a unique specialized function, but lacks the common features present in other editors.

The advantage is that you get the ability to watermark your PDF files. There is no limit to how many PDF files you watermark. You also can protect yourself with password protection. But you cannot manipulate PDF pages in any extensive way, beyond watermarking.

Part 2: The Best PDF Editor for iOS

pdf editor android

If you have no interest in PDF editor for Android, you can try the best PDF editor for iPhone and iPad - Wondershare PDFelement for iOS . It is a professional PDF tool to enable users to edit, annotate, create, convert and share PDF files easily. This software can make your PDF really portable from the iPhone, iPad to Windows and Mac.

pdf editing app
  • Simple UI to fit your mobile phone.
  • Edit PDF text, images easily.
  • Manage PDF pages with multiple options.
  • View PDF files clearly and comfortably.
  • Convert PDF to other formats.
  • Scan to pictures of your phone.

Part 3: The Best PDF Editor for Windows and Mac

pdf editor for android

If you've transferred your PDF from Android or iPad phones to PCs, you may need a desktop PDF editor to help you finish editing the PDF documents. In this case, I recommend you Wondershare PDFelement, which is fully compatible with Windows and Mac. It is made for solving all the problems related with PDF, like creating, editing, converting, protecting, commenting PDF files. It is an all-in-one PDF solution to help you achieve success in business.

  • Advanced OCR feature helps editing the scanned, read-only and image-based PDF. Now the OCR is free to try.
  • Edit PDF files from all aspects including text, images, links, pages, bookmarks, watermarks, bates numbering etc.
  • Combine multiple files into a PDF.
  • Create and convert PDF from all popular formats you've ever known.
  • Protect your confidential information with password, permission, redaction.
Wondershare Editor

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Published: Jul 07,2015 9:22 am / Updated: Dec 09,2016 11:32 am

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