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Convert PDF to XLSX Files with the Best PDF to XLSX Converter

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Numbers form an integral part of our lives. Excel spreadsheets are the most preferred, whether it is a simple budget preparation or a complex tax calculation. However, sharing of excel sheets don't confirm confidentiality or security, which is why they're converted to PDF. When we receive a PDF which has tabular columns, and we want to edit it, the best way to do so is to convert PDF to .xlsx files. This article will explain how to convert PDF document to .xlsx format with the best PDF to XLSX converter .

Part 1Best PDF to XLSX Converter You Need

Among the many PDF to .xlsx converters available in the market (both online and desktop), PDFelement 6 Professional has features that far outweigh that of the other tools. PDFelement, with its ergonomic user interface and advanced features allows you to manage your PDFs, convert them to different formats.

Outstading Features of PDFelment:

  • The most cost-Effective converter compared with Adobe, Nitro, Foxit.
  • Collaborate online with multiple users at same time.
  • Runs on all major Windows platforms, Mac, iOS.
  • Efficiently handles batch conversions.
  • Add signature other than converting PDF.

You can follow these simple steps to convert your PDF to xlsx.

Step 1. Adding PDF Files for Converting to XLSX

Click on PDFelement from the desktop and launch it. Open your PDF files needed to be converted to Excel xlsx by clicking the "Open File" button on the Home window. If you want to perform batch conversion, you can click "Batch Process" to upload multiple PDFs.

Step 2. Click “Convert to Excel” to Convert PDF to XLSX

In the main screen, there will be multiple options under the "Home" tab namely "To Word", "To Others" and so on. Click on "To Others > Convert to Excel".

Step 3. Set Other Options in Converting PDF to XLSX Accurately

In the pop-up dialogue box, you can click "Settings" to customize the output file. After that, click "Save" to change PDF into XLSX file.

Check the Video Tutorial

Part 2Difference between XLSX and XLS Files

The extensions of Excel files were changed with the release of Excel 2007. Previously, you can only save workbooks in XLS using Excel 2003 or earlier versions, now you can also save your workbooks in XLSX or XLSM with Excel 2007 or higher versions including Excel 2010/2013/2016.It is now 10 years since extensions XLSX and XLSM were born but many people are still saving their Excel files using the XLS extension.

Below we will introduce you the difference between XLSX and XLS, in other words, we will tell you the reason why you’d better to convert all your workbooks to XLSX (or XLSM).

1. XLSX compresses the file

If you save an XLS file in XLSX file, you will see the size has been significantly reduced.

2. Protection against macros

Using an XLSX files you will make sure there is no macro, but you don’t know whether your workbook contains macros or not by using an XLS files.

3. Extension of the working area

The row limit is 65,536 (216) and 256 columns (28) which corresponds to the column IV in with XLS workbook. But in XLSX workbook (and XLSM), the row limit is 1,048,576 (220) and 16,384 columns (214) or the column XFD.

4. New color and new themes

You have all the combinations possible RGB (red, blue, green) with an XLSX file. Also, the colors are grouped into themes in an XLSX file. Using a new theme, you change the general color of your workbook, and the font used. But you can only use 56 colors but with an XLSX file with an XLS file.

5. Embed a workbook in a Web page

As is the case in all the functions’ pages of this site, all the exercises proposed are not images but are real Excel workbooks where you can reproduce the examples explained in each page.

Check detailed information of the differences between XLS and XLSX.


An Excel workbook saved as XLSX has many advantages over the old format XLS. It is therefore recommended that you change all your XLS files into XLSX to benefit in Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2010 and Excel 2016.

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