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PDF format is the most stable and comfortable format to read any document on any device or view any image without running the quality of it. PDF convertors are those applications which will let you convert any particular kind of file in to PDF document or vice versa. Using a particular PDF converter, you will not only be able to convert a text, doc, xls file into a PDF format but you will also be able to convert a PDF file into word, PowerPoint, image or spreadsheet document. The best thing about these converters is that most of them can be used to convert approximately any time of file from Microsoft Office, Google Documents, iWork and even Web pages to PDF format. Similarly, you will be able to convert the PDF files into any image format (.jpeg, .png, .gif, and .tiff). Moreover, you will be able to merge two or more PDF files into one or split one into several PDF Files or arrange the pages on the PDF file. Many applications also support the Dropbox, so you could easily transfer the files to your dropbox account and can convert them later with the suitable PDF Converter. We have compiled a list of best PDF convertors for iPhone and iPad.

1PDFelement for iOS

pdf converter iphone

PDFelement for iOS is an ultimate converter, annotator, merger, scanner, editor and form filling application for iPhone. The user interface of this application is very friendly and simple. It can do many things which other PDF converters can't such as PDF form filling, support the Wikipedia or dictionary search in the PDF files, customize PDFs or can extract required knowledge from a particular PDF file. Moreover, it can also be used a File transfer tool because it supports different cloud services and download manager.

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As a professional PDF Converter, PDFelement for iOS is designed for converting PDF files into other popular formats on iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. It enable users to convert and edit PDF at any where in anytime. It also support multiple systems including Windows PC and Mac OS X. So you can just convert and edit PDF on your iPhone and you can also continue editing the converted files when you have a computer in front of you.

Score: 9/10

2File Converter

pdf converter iphone

File Converter uses its online conversion server to convert any kind of file. The best part about this application is that it doesn't only support PDF files but users will also be able to convert all kinds of files into any specific type. Moreover, in the advanced settings, you can set the parameter to view the required PDF file into your device type. For example: You will be able to convert any file into PDF format for a particular device such as for iPad, iPhone, Mac or even other tablets. After the successful conversion, files can be sent to dropbox account or you can just email them to anyone you want. The only bad side is that you will need to have an internet connection to convert files into PDF format or vice versa.

Score: 7/10

3PDF it All: PDF Printer and Converter on the Go

pdf converter iphone

The best feature of the PDF it All is the amazingly simple user interface that any other PDF conversion application lacks. Moreover, it gives you tons of other options which many PDF converters lack such as you can convert messages to PDF file, you can directly use the documents from the cloud services such as "Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive or Box. Simply click on the image, document, webpages, messages or the mail that you want to convert into PDF and you are good to go. All in all, you can send the converted files via Airdrop to other iOS users or print them using the printer right from the application.

Score: 8/10

4PDF Export Lite - Documents to PDF Converter, PDF Merger, PDF Splitter, PDF Scanner

pdf converter iphone

PDF Export lite comes with some add-ons to make it work properly. But once you have paid for these Add-ons, this application is worth every single penny. The prominent feature is that you can create password protected PDF files using PDF Export Lite. You can also scan your documents using the camera of iPhone and can convert them to PDF format. The other best thing is that a PDF file can also be converted into an image. So, it includes the both way job which most of PDF converters lack.

Score: 8/10

5PDF Converter Pro : Convert Documents, WebPages to PDF , Air Printer

pdf converter for iphone

This application has everything that a PDF converter should have, you can not only convert documents, webpages, images or messages but you can also convert all of your contacts into one single PDF file. This application also offers some extra cloud services such as Evernote and the best part is that users can transfer the files via "Wi-Fi Connect" option in the cloud service. You can also merge different PDF files or use Air printer to print them.

Score: 9/10

6PDF PROvider

pdf converter for iphone

The prominent feature of this high priced application is that you can convert different files of different formats into one single application. The one distinguishing feature is that you can convert your map into a PDF file which is not present on any other PDF converter. However, it only supports the Dropbox.

Score: 8/10


pdf converter for iphone

Well, it you want to convert PDF files into a particular file format such as Word, Power point or excel, Able2extract is the best free application for you. The main advantage is that it is also available on different platforms such as Windows, Mac or Android.

Score: 7/10

8iConverter – PDF, Ringtone Converter

pdf converter for iphone

If you are looking for a simple free PDF converter, iConverter is your thing. With iConverter, you can not only convert webpages or word documents but you can also use it to make ringtones from music already existing in your library. The converted PDF files can be open in any other application or locally stored.

Score: 6/10

9Document Manager Pro & PDF Converter

iphone pdf converter

Document Manager Pro & PDF Converter is the ultimate combo of document management and conversion application. It doesn't only have the cloud services integration but can help you manage the different documents and convert them into PDF format. It works with the common Microsoft office and iWork files without hassle and converted files can be opened in other applications or transfer via cloud service.

Score: 8/10

10Red: Web to PDF converter

iphone pdf converter

Simple minimalistic design and smooth transitions make this tiny application a perfect one. This is the best application to save webpages to read them later, upload drop, print them via Air Printer or send them to friends.

Score: 8/10

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