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Top 5 Text Encryption Software

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A business regularly deals with countless documents containing highly confidential information. To make sure that nobody is able to compromise the document even when it lands in wrong hands, text encryption is necessary. A text encryption software blurs or blackouts the sensitive text from a document to ensure its safety. To pick the best text encryption software, functionalities has to be considered before the cost. Read on to find the best one for your own.

Part 1Easy Tool to Apply for Text Encryption

how to encrypt text

Creating new documents for the business is involved in the day to day activities of every organization. Wondershare PDFelement is one of the best software that lets you create PDF files from scratch. You can also edit your existing PDF files using the wide variety of editing tools and options available.

As a great text encryption software, its redaction feature can be used to black out the data that is meant to be protected. It is used by many government entities and Fortune 500 companies as their trustworthy ally to create secured documents. Some features include-

  • Offers 256 bit ASL Encryption support
  • Can set Open Password and Permissions Password
  • Can redact and blackout important text for enhanced security
  • Can insert legally binding digital signatures
  • Can safely share documents via various cloud services

How to redact sensitive texts in PDF files? Check the simple tutorial:

Step 1: Search Texts for Encryption

  • Open PDF. Go to the redaction tool by clicking "Protect" tab and click on "Search &Redact" to search specific contents to hide.

Step 2: Encrypt Text

Then click "Mark for Redaction". Click on the newly appeared + icon and drag it to cover the objects, pictures or text you want to encrypt or redact. After selecting click "Apply redaction". When the popup appears for confirmation, click on "Yes".

Part 2 Other 5 Text Encryption Software

1. TheLetterEncrypter

encrypt text file

This software can encrypt or decrypt any text by putting a password of your own choice. It is a free text encryption software that can export the encrypted text to a file or import a text file to encrypt. It makes the use of Rijndael encryption technology which is very strong. It doesn't require any installation and you can even copy the encrypted text to an email if needed. TheLetterEncrypter may be a great tool for text encryption, but it doesn't have the functionality to create or edit PDF documents. They also lack the ability to insert digital signatures.

2. Ncode.Me

encrypted texting app

It is a free text encryption software that lets you encrypt any text. It keeps running in the system tray, for keeping your crucial information safe and secure, you can use this software. For using this software, select the text from your email or from notepad document and click its system tray icon or the key combination, type the password for encryption and click on Encrypt button. Ncode.Me will encrypt the text for you. You need the same encryption password to decrypt the message.

3. SecretPad

free text encryption

It encrypts the text using a password, it is a simple and plain text encryption software. The interface is simple and looks Windows Notepad. Storing personal records can be stored using it. To set the password, you can set it from File menu or just have to press Ctrl+W. Encrypted files will be saved in CDT format. The right password has to be provided to decrypt the file. No installation is required for using SecretPad. It doesn't deal with advanced editing features and the inclusion of digital signatures. A large scale business can't find much use with this one.

4. BCTextEncoder

encrypted text app

BCTextEncoder can encrypt typed text files and text. It is a free text encryption software. The encrypted text can be copied on the clipboard or saved in text file. It includes two ways of password encryption; the first one is public key based encryption and the second one is password based encryption. You can just download it and run; it doesn't need to be installed. BCTextEncoder doesn't offer several functions such as redaction or sharing via cloud services. On a professional level, it won't offer the standard of security required by business documents.

5. GizmoMarks

text encryption software

GizmoMarks encrypts the data by a 128 bits key and is a free text encryption software. Encrypted files are saved with .BEF extension. A password can be set for the encryption. Secured electronic block-notes stores the encrypted data files. The user interface is simple and easy to use. It can be used as a simple text editor tool as well. You can make your files private by encrypting them using this software. GizmoMarks can encrypt text but can't partially encrypt them in a file, which means, it lacks redaction features. It also doesn't offer the function of creating or inserting digital signatures in the documents.

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Published: Nov 10,2016 16:51 pm / Updated: Jul 05,2017 21:49 pm

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