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Top 5 Real Estate Apps - Super Easy to Use

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Real estate is an old-age profession that is pivotal to any society. Realtors across the globe help people find the best accommodations and try their best to create healthy societies for people to live in. For many years, real estate has not seen the modernization other professions have been given, but since the advent of the digital age, real estate has integrated technology and digital media to the core and continue to benefit from countless new websites, apps and software. The Internet and computers have really revolutionized how people look for accommodation and today we will list some useful real estate apps that every realtor should have. Real estate app can boost your career as a realtor. And in this article we select the popular apps for real estate.

Part 1 5 Best Real Estate Apps for Professional Realtors

1. PDFelement for iOS

apps real estate

PDFelement for iOS is the hallmark of all efficient document management apps and once you get it installed on your iPhone, say goodbye to any and all of your document-related troubles. You can edit, annotate, sign, convert and send your contracts and other pdf documents on the go and close deals much more quickly than ever before.

pdf annotation ipad

This is a very handy app for any realtor who does not want to deal with the hassle of managing countless documents, editing and generally sending them around. Your productivity will boost as you embark on the journey of managing all your documents on the go. You won't even need to print them out as you can sign them whenever you like, edit them, annotate them and send them to the related parties.

2. Zillow

new real estate apps

Zillow offers a plethora of features for real-estate agents and is one of the best real estate app. This real estate app allows users to search for properties, has a mortgage calculator, has a property estimates to make appraisal and a lot of other cool features.

With this app, you can post your sites and have interested parties rolling in within hours. It has MLC numbers for most listing which will bid you well if you are a busy realtor. Get it on your phone and get busy selling!

3. Mortgage Calculator

free real estate appraisal software

If you are an honest-to-God true realtor, you will definitely need this nifty little real estate app in your pocket at all times. As the name suggests, it lets you calculate mortgages in a matter of seconds so you are never again lost trying to explain buyers what exactly are they getting into.

With this handy tool, you can calculate and explain your deals much better so both parties get the sweetest possible deal and you gain an awesome repertoire with your clients.

4. Houzz

real estate appraisal software comparison

Houses are much more likely to sell if their interior design is better than others. After all, this real estate app is all about the presentation. With Houzz, you get a database of impeccable designs from across the web in one handy app.

It also has user-submitted photos of interior designs which make personalization much more reachable. If you are looking to design a house before you sell it, you should give Houzz a try – there is always room for great designs.

5. Sitegeist

real estate applications

Sitegeist is home to a plethora of information on any and all kinds. Depending on your usage, it has something for everyone, especially realtors. With this neat little real estate app, you can go into an area, open it up and it will tell you a lot of useful things about its demographics.

From popular places to average age of residents to political contributions, it has a great deal of useful information which you can present to your clients. Information is power, and this app will sure make you look and feel incredibly powerful.

Part 2 Realtors' Must-Have Software besides Real Estate Apps

real estate crm app

Rounding up our list of extremely useful real estate mobile apps, we are throwing in a bonus and letting you in on a desktop real estate application that will prove to be immensely useful to your real estate career. Wondershare PDFelement is a must have document management application that will take the hassle out of your work.

We all know how documents can be time-consuming and incredibly laborious to handle. PDFelement lets you cut all the troubles and lets you handle them from a neat little app where you can edit, annotate, sign, send and save your documents without even leaving the application. Employ it in your future works, and be amazed at the productivity boost it brings to your work life.

You can use it convert your PowerPoint, spreadsheets, and Word files to PDF. It allows you to change the font, color, add and delete images, sign it electronically and send the PDF to related parties. Another nice feature of PDFelement is that it allows you to secure all your documents and save it to the Cloud so you never lose important documents again.

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