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Top 4 Paperless Filing Systems to Manage Documents

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The first step you need to make towards paperless office if simply deciding you want a paperless office. But once you've decided to take that step, you need a good document management solution, a paperless filing system if you like. It is important to understand which system is the best for your organization. Some of them have different features, different benefits, the price is different, and much more. Our guide will help you decide which one is the right for you, and choose the best out of the plethora of paperless business systems.

Part 14 Best Paperless Systems to Manage Documents

1. PDFelement for Business- Edit Scanned PDF Documents

paperless filing system software

PDFelement for Business is designed for small business and enterprises. It is the key paperless system to help users deal with PDF documents as well as scanned documents. As everyone know, PDF documents are more and more popular among businesses. For example, most important confidential files are in PDF format, the rules and regulations are in PDF format, contract are in PDF format etc.

The most important point for paperless filing system is that you might want to edit those scanned PDF files or scanned pictures. Then the OCR feature in PDFelement can help you do that. OCR can turn the scanned PDF into editable and searchable texts in case you need to change something on it.

  • Volume licensing discount for business.
  • All-in-one PDF solution.
  • Ability to manage PDF files from multiple aspects.
  • Customize according to your own business.

2. CrashPlan - Backup Documents

paperless home filing system

Their motto is rather simple "Computer backup made simple". CrashPlan allows small business and enterprises to back-up their files easy and with no-hassle. The software is accessible for home owners as well. With the standard plan, you get a free backup on an external drive in addition to the clouds. In other words, your files are saved on two different locations, and the trifecta security is second to none.

You can also enjoy a private key option, which allows you to protect your digital life with 448-bit encryption. In essence, you create a virtually impenetrable force field around your documents. There are different plans, depending whether you need gigabytes of online backup, or terabytes. Suffice to say, CrashPlan can make both reality. And the best part is CrashPlan doesn't charges extra for restoring files. Last, but not least, you'll get access to the CrashPlan free mobile application, allowing you to get access to your computer files from your mobile phone, anywhere.

3. Yep from Iconic Software - Paperless Filing System for Mac

digital filing system for business

Even with a real barrier, Yep is a great paperless filing system. Yep works only on Intel-Based Macintosh computers, but its features make it one of the best for companies using Apple products.

The key features include consolidating and tagging all digital documents, searching, managing and viewing of PDF documents, and integration with a scanner. Think this way: you can store your music in iTunes, your photos in iPhoto, and your PDF documents can now go in Yep. When you start the software for the very first time, you automatically get a list of all your PDF documents, Office documents and iWork documents.

One of the biggest advantages of Yep when compared to other software is that you can search through documents quick, without having to worry where you saved the document. And on top of that, you can add your own tags to any document. Yep helps you keep your documents organized, and gives you a track record of all your invoices, research papers, receipts and everything in between. And if you thought creating PDF documents is hard and complicated, Yep allows you to create a PDF document without scanning. Just by dragging in text, you create a text file. Or you can create an image file in the same way.

4. Mariner Paperless - Paperless Filing System for Mac and Windows

digital filing system software

Mariner and Fujitsu become partners, and their partnership allowed Mariner to integrate the Paperless software into the best-selling ScanSnap scanners by Fujitsu. The company now offers the Paperless bundle to companies in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Whether you have Mac OS or Windows computer, the scanner is compatible. The company strongly advices using Paperless with ScanSnap. However, you can use any other scanner thanks to Apple's Image Capture method. If you are running a Windows computer, you need a scanner that supports TWIN or WIA to use Paperless. Again, ScanSnap is the recommended option, but you can buy another scanner. And you can always try a trial copy before choosing Paperless.

The company also offers Paperless Lite, which is a lightweight version of the software. The features include creation of simple digital receipt management, where you can store and create all receipts.

Part 2Other Things You Should Know about Paperless System

Why Go Paperless with Paperless Filing System

We would like to give you a few reasons that will justify the investment of going paperless. There are a number of reasons, but we will stick just to the basic one.

The first and most important reason you want a paperless system is that you save money. There are loads of copy papers flying around the office, and they come with a price. But with paperless office, you don't have to pay for copy paper. The money you saved can be used for a different goal.

Your documents will be stored and organized, and you can find information you want easily. All documents are indexed, and with additional tagging, you can easily and quickly find the information you need/want.

And did we mention you get access to your documents from everywhere? In the new and modern world we live in, executives and employees are required to use and find information within seconds, not days. That is only possible with paperless office.

Speaking of speeding up the process and efficiency of your business, paperless systems allow you to speed up approvals. Companies nowadays have utilized the electronic signature to process both internal and external documents. And then there is process automation, a software that helps with management and distribution of documents. You can use process automation to store, distribute, and route electronic documents, as well as collaborate with colleagues. All documents can be shared, meaning multiple people can look at them in the same time.

At the end of the day, all of the benefits of paperless office systems are with one goal in mind, and that is improved customer service. We all want to satisfy our customers, and paperless office makes that happen.

How to Go Paperless with Paperless Filing System

There are steps you need to take in order to transform your business and office from a storage unit with loads of paper, to a paperless office. The first step you need to figure out is the workflow, and what types of paper you can eliminate. For example, some companies opt for digital receipts only, while other go for much more like invoices, documents, data, research papers and more.

Once you've figured out the paper you can eliminate, it is time to invest in one of the most important elements of your paperless office, and that is a scanner. Any scanner will do the trick, but it is best to look for scanner that is recommended by your paperless filing system. A decent scanner will help you go paperless quickly and painlessly.

As we said, a scanner needs to be compatible with your document management software. Once you've chosen the software, you are in the paperless world.

And did we mention you get access to your documents from everywhere? In the new and modern world we live in, executives and employees are required to use and find information within seconds, not days. That is only possible with paperless office.

At this point, it is important to make sure the documents you have are easy to find. The software will do the heavy lifting, but you'll have to help as well. How can you help? Well, for starters, make your PDFs searchable by using optical character recognition, or OCR. And while OCR is very reliable, it is not 100% effective. Because of this, you need to name your files well by using the following format: date_keyword.

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