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Top 5 Lawyer Software

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Law is one of the oldest professions of the world and with the advent of the digital age, lawyers geared up for the future too. It only makes sense to keep improving the way of your work with emerging new technologies. The internet is filled with useful software for lawyers which make the laborious work of handling and managing documents and billings a lot easier and quicker. Lawyer software tend to make things a lot faster once you get the used to them. There are a lot of these software and today we have took the liberty to showcase the best software for lawyers out there.

Top 5 Software for Lawyers

1. Wondershare PDFelement

lawyer software

Your PDF documents will get a complete overhaul with this amazing piece of software that lets you manipulate your documents any way you want. Wondershare PDFelement is an awesome lawyer software that is filled with security features. You can encrypt your document to restrict access; you can restrict parts of the document and much more.

You can edit, comment, sign and create PDF documents easily. You can sign your contracts and deeds electronically and these e-signatures will be completely legally binding. It also allows you to convert PDFs to other popular formats and vice versa. Moreover, you can turn your scanned documents into digital texts to search through and find important information with just a few clicks.

2. Clio

software for lawyers

Clio is a premium practice management software for lawyers which will make clientele a sweet breeze to handle like they are supposed to be. With Clio, you are given enough functionality to manage clients, documents, optimizes administrative tasks and improves collaboration.

This lawyer software is cloud based, so you do not have to worry about carrying your laptop everywhere, you can access your important information anywhere with just an internet connection. Clio serves lawyers in over 50 countries and managed to secure funding of a whopping $27 million from venture capitalist firms.

3. App4Legal

software lawyer

App4Legal is one of the best software for lawyers. It allows lawyers to manage their law practice in an extremely efficient manner. It is designed for the lawyers, by the lawyers so it can cover the fine intricacies of the law practice that make it an attractive choice.

App4Legal is a cloud-based software for lawyers, it is web-based and also caters users via iOS and Android apps. App4Legal lets you handle billing, contracts, contacts, cases, documents and much more. It also lets you manage your time and create invoices for time and expenses. It gives you visual reports on dashboard, reports and protects your intellectual property.

4. HoudiniESQ

best software for lawyers

HoudiniESQ gives you a complete software for lawyers with an amazing range of features. It lets you handle your billing and invoices. It has a Calendar Management feature that lets you manage your appointments. The client portal lets you manage clients. There is also a Conflict Management feature to handle your conflicts.

HOudiniESQ also lets you handle documents, emails, contacts, contracts, cases, clients' history, time tracking and trust accounts. All in all, it is great to have such a complete lawyer software in your arsenal. It is available on web, Android and iOS.

5. Needles

lawyer software

Needles is a case management solution that qualifies for our collection of best lawyer software. It is an industry-grade solution to all your legal tasks. It has a customizable checklist system to let you complete checklists for your next case. It gives you a robust calendaring feature to never miss a court hearing again.

This lawyer software also offers a customizable case type library which can handle all your case histories to review at the end of the year. It is perfect for any law firm of any size. It handles client relationships in a smooth way, creates reports on your performances, adjusts insurance information and also has a real-time messaging feature for swift communication. A complete cloud based solution for your firm or solo practice.

Part 2: Tips for Using Software for Lawyers

These software for lawyers are best used when you know what each feature can do for you. Many of the listed software offer trainings, both hands-on and via webinars. You can take these trainings to make the most of these software.

Also, if you have a firm, we would recommend arranging these trainings for all your employees for more productivity. Keeping all your documents organized and backed up will also help you reduce risk of accidents and will instill a confidence in your clients. All in all, using these software on a daily basis will help improve your productivity and efficiency on the long haul.

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Published: Dec 23,2016 15:24 pm / Updated: Jul 05,2017 13:49 pm

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