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How to Improve Business

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Business improvement is not something that can be easily done. Companies all around the world are looking for ways how to improve business. Some of them succeed, some of them fail. The reason is simple: only the most persistent ones, and the smarter ones make it into the business world. There are several ways to improve your business. But number one is improving your productivity and efficiency, and you’ve got business improvement tools for that. And then number two, learning how to be smarter about what you do. We got you covered for both areas.

Part 1Top 5 Tools for Business Improvement

1. PDFelement - Documents Management

business performance improvement

One of the key aspects in today’s business world is going paperless. As in, eliminating all hard-copy and print paper, and transfer your business into the digital world. For that purpose, you need good PDF software that can satisfy every need you have. And Wondershare PDFelement for business might be your best option. A feature rich software, it offers the best cost to value ratio on the market.

The free business software has lots of useful features including the ability to create PDF files in a single click, the ability to covert PDF files to a whole host of other formats including PowerPoint, Word and Excel and being able to edit PDF files in numerous different ways.


  • Many features that you can use like converting PDF documents, merging PDF documents, digitally sign documents, password protection, and redaction
  • Speaking of conversion, it has great conversion quality
  • Manage your documents in a centralized dashboard
  • Add Watermarks and signatures to PDF
  • Edit PDF with text, images, pages etc
  • Multiple PDF form templates available in the program
  • Protect your PDF and the information in PDF in many ways

2. Toggl - Time Management

how to improve business

Another tool you need to improve your business is Toggl, a great software for time racking and spreadsheets. Built for speed, the time tracking tool allows you to check time every member of the team spends on projects. In addition, you have an online time tracker app that you can use to categorize and create reports for projects.


  • Extremely simple to use reporting interface
  • Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Free for basic users


  • The desktop app leaves a bit to be desired
  • Some users want pop-out web based app
  • The android mobile app lacks some of the main features

3. Process Street - Project Management

how to improve your business

Now that you have a time management tool, you need a project management tool as well. Process Street allows you to delegate tasks and manage your project more easily. This way, you maximize time you spend on important duties. The app also allows the use of an assistant, and your assistant can check off tasks easily.


  • Automate tasks with schedules
  • Assign tasks to every team member
  • Collect data with forms
  • Integration with more than 500 different apps


  • Pricey when compared to alternatives
  • Lacks a calendar
  • Basic version lacks some advanced features

4. Paper by Fifty Three - Notebook Management

ways to improve a small business

What started as a drawing and notebook app has since progressed into a wonderful business app that has photo annotations, checklists, and note-taking. Paper by 53 was one of the first drawing apps for the iPad, but has since moved into the iPhone as well. You can scribble, put together diagrams, annotate photos, and write, all in one app.


  • Handy to organize by grids
  • You can use on both iPhone and iPad
  • Saves paper clutter


  • The UI is not intuitive enough
  • Not great sync between iPhone and iPad
  • No Mac app

5. Basecamp - Team Management

business improvement project

This is another project management and team coordination tool, similar to Process Street. Since the essence of business is to manage projects and your team, we need more than one alternative to that tool. In addition to being a great project management tool, Basecamp also features threaded and quick messaging within the group thanks to Campfire feature.


  • CLientside mode for getting feedback from clients
  • Simple design with great features
  • Autosaving feature makes it impossible to lose information
  • Archiving complete projects at any point
  • The company hosts live class for beginners to learn features


  • Third party apps need additional service to connect
  • No native task planning chart to check time of team members
  • New pricing structures do not favor small businesses

Part 2How to Improve Business

ways to improve my business

As we mentioned at the beginning, one thing you need to do for your business improvement is learning how to be smarter. It means you need to make few and small changes to the way how you operate your business. Here are some quick tips to help you improve your business.

  • Automate as much as you can. Business automation is now a necessity that will save employees time and allow them to focus on more important tasks. There is no better way to improve productivity than automation
  • Limit the company meetings. A good idea is to hold one daily 10 to 15 minute company meeting on which you roundup the key performance indicators, share information and much more. Think of it as a way to keep everyone in the loop
  • Keep score, no matter whether you operate small, medium or large business. You have to have an accurate idea of the daily, weekly, and monthly numbers. This way, you can track your trends and cash flow
  • Take on just one new activity at a time. This way, whatever activity you take, you'll be focused and determined on that particular task
  • Use high impact marketing, do not waste money on ineffective marketing. Test one or two new marketing strategies, and see whether they perform good or bad. Use only those that perform great before adding to your complete marketing strategy.
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Published: Nov 25,2016 9:58 am / Updated: Jul 05,2017 14:39 pm

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