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A List of Top Automated Deployment Tools

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Enterprises require many types of software for their operation. It is necessary to install those software and updates through means which can save time and energy. Good automated deployment tools can help a lot. Usually, admin can deploy system or software to multiple computers during night by automated deployment tools. This really improved the productivity and save time for everyone. The admin can also decide to update the software and control the software by simple clicks. This article will give you a comprehensive understanding of automated deployment and also the best tools you can use.

Part 1What is the Definition of Automated Deployment

automated deployment tools

Automated deployment involves using of deployment tools to automatically send installs, uninstalls and patches of software to workstations remotely. It can be done over LAN or even through servers utilizing connections like VPN.

1.Less prone to error: Since the deployment is done automatically by a program, there is no room for human errors. The process is effective every time.

2.Less time, high productivity: Automating deployment eliminated the need of human control. Thus the IT team can concentrate on other important responsibilities’ rather than spending time with deployments.

3:Improved coordination: Since all the users are under a single deployment base, it improves team coordination. Installations and updates can be released anytime to the team.

4.Ease of use: Deployment tools are easy to use and do not involve any learning. So anyone can start deploying anytime they want!

Part 2Top 5 Automated Deployment Tools

1. PDQ Deploy

automated deployment tools

It can be used to deliver software installs and updates remotely to computers in a network. It employs MSI and EXE installs by deploying PDQ Deploying packages.


  • Pre-installed applications that can be deployed directly


  • It takes time to set up the program


automated software deployment tools open source

This automated deployment tool is presented by Microsoft to help in remote install and delivery of updates. It works for servers, computers and even mobile devices.


  • Easy to automate patch mechanism


  • Patches once deployed cannot be rolled back

3. Group Policy

deployment automation tools

Embedded in Windows server versions, this method is effective to deploy within workstations in a specified group. A group has to be set first to operate it.


  • UNC paths can be set for installations


  • Creating group policies is time consuming

4. Windows Terminal Server

automated build and deployment tools

This service on Windows server creates remote desktop sessions for users to access applications. It can also be used to deploy automation. It can also be used to install applications on a central server.


  • Provides great security by setting limitations on client access


  • Not suitable for applications with heavy graphics

5. Citrix

automated software deployment tools

Citrix infrastructure can be used to deploy software to client end. It installs full software or a part of it to run in cache mode.


  • Easy App virtualization setup


  • Advanced features require additional license to function.

Part 3Best Business Software You Should Automated Deploy

deployment automation tools open source

On a different note, the best software for enterprises to handle their documentation is PDFelement for Business. It’s a complete business PDF solution with professional editing tools to personalize business PDF files. As a PDF tool, it enables users to edit, create, convert, annotate, combine, OCR, sign, protect PDF files. As a business tools, it has a server to authorize users and control the numbers and updates of software.

  • Can be customized to suit any organization and its necessities
  • Secured way of operation under administrator surveillance
  • No intrusions as all users have to be authorized for software use
  • Update when required after proper authorization
  • Safely deploy to user computers with email and registration log in
  • Great deals on volume licensing with continuous product development and customer assistance
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