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Get macOS 10.14 Mojave Features in Windows 10

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2023-08-25 18:55:14 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

Apple, the California-based giant, took the opportunity to announce the coming of macOS 10.14’s latest version in the June annual WWDC Conference. It was proud to claim that this version would have impressive and exciting features, for its desktop operating system. Among the offerings are dynamic wall paper, dark mode and stack, among others, which are meant to improve your work efficiency and smoothen Mac usage every day. The best thing about it that you can get macOS Mojave-style desktop stacks on windows. If you desire to recreate the macOS Mojave desktop in windows 10, this article will lead the way.

How to Recreate the macOS Mojave Destop in Windows 10

The following ways can help you use macOS Mojave's dynamic desktop on Windows 10

1. Screen Capture

You can get macOS Mojave features on windows 10 free, such as Screen Capture. It is a screen grab tool that is accompanied by a program that performs screen recording. The combination of functions is remarkably awesome and you can have them in your Windows 10 at any time. Screen Captor is a superb third party app that give you this same experience in your Windows 10 desktop. It is great at grabbing not only your entire screen, a selected area or a specific window but also web pages since it can capture the scrolling windows’ whole content. As soon as you take your grabs, you can open them automatically in Screenshot Captor’ image editor.

2. Dynamic Wallpapers

The Dynamic Wallpapers are among the most remarkable features of Mojave, since they change depending on the day time. They are stunningly beautiful and thus enlighten your mood. If you would like to use macOS Mojave’s dynamic desktop on Windows 10, you can easily begin by downloading the macOS wallpapers online. After the download is complete, create a new folder to store these wallpapers; you must transfer them all. While doing so, remember to makes two copies of each, then proceed;

  • Go to “Personalization Settings”
  • In your background drop down menu, go to “Slide show”
  • Pick the new folder with the downloaded wallpapers
  • Schedule picture change to every 6 hours.
  • Disable the shuffle
  • Enable the “Allow slideshow when on battery power” option 

With these few steps, you will have made changes to your wallpapers, making them behave like Mojave’s.

3. Desktop Stacks

Stacks is another of the macOS 10.14 fascinating features that makes the Mac desktop appear tidy, since it organizes the icons neatly into groups. You can get macOS Mojave-style desktop stacks on Windows through Fences. This is an app developed by Stardock Software, which costs about $9.99. Despite that Fences app is not exactly like Stacks, it performs the same function and thus is quite handy if your desktop is always cluttered. Follow the following steps to get macOS Mojave features on windows like this one;

  • Install Fences; it normally arranges the icons in your desktop by automatically putting them into boxes called Fences
  • Create, restyle, rename or delete the Fences according to your taste; Fences are 100% customizable
  • Create a Folder Portal
  • Hold Alt and drag this folder to the Windows 10 desktop; this enables you to access and view all folder contents from the desktop.
  • Optional step; you may create multiple desktop pages similar to the mobile device home screen. You can switch the pages by pulling them left or right.    

4. Dark Mode

Apple’s OS has had the dark side since the unveiling of El Captain that took place in 2015. The latest update has changes revolving around the color of the menu bar, dock and also the Drop-down menus. The rest of the features tend to remain as breezy and bright. The new Mojave Dark Mode modifies the macOS native apps look by adding a stylish touch. You can easily recreate the macOS Mojave desktop in Windows 10 using this Apple’s Dark Mode feature. This is an interface mode that makes program windows appear smart and fresh. It is also the simplest option that you can replicate in your Windows 10 PC.

To do so;

  • Head to Windows’ Customization settings
  • Scroll downwards
  • Change “Default App Mode” to “Dark”

The standard options are bright. If you would like to adjust Windows 10’ accent color;

  • Access “Custom Color”
  • There are multiple colors, so select the darker color.

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