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Top 5 Invoice App to Increase Business Efficiency

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2023-09-08 16:30:03 • Filed to: Invoice • Proven solutions

Technological innovation has resulted in applications that can be used to generate a variety of business documents. Today, you can create invoices simply by entering a few details in an app. The software proceeds to generate the invoice for you. This is important to business owners because it makes operations more convenient. Therefore, an invoice application is a time saving investment

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Top 5 Invoice App

1. FreshBooks

This is the best invoice app that you can utilize today. FreshBooks can create invoices of various types on demand. The software can generate these documents automatically too. Therefore, it is an ideal digital investment for your enterprise. FreshBooks is capable of automating business processes. Examples of these are job scheduling, accounts reporting, expense organization and client interaction. Hence, it is a versatile invoice app for modern times. You can use FreshBooks right over the Internet. This is because this application is Cloud based. Thus, it is easily accessible directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. FreshBooks can be used for free over a 30 day period through its demo. However, if you would like to use it further, a payment of $15 per user is required.

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2. Invoice2go

Built to make invoicing much easier and swifter, Invoice2go is an ideal application for business owners today. This software provides you with templates that you can customize on demand and create your own tailored invoices. By doing so, you do not have to begin from scratch every time. Invoice2go allows you to save specific prices, contacts, and customer details. By doing so, the app enables you to make recurring invoices easier. An interesting feature of this app is that it can easily track invoices. Hence, you can see when a client opens up a mobile invoice. You can also set up payment reminders that operate automatically and create financial reports as well. Invoice2go requires that you subscribe to a particular plan so as to use the application.

3. Billdu

This is an invoicing application that is easy to use and fast as well. By using Billdu, you can create and submit invoices rapidly. Billdu delivers invoices and makes it easy for clients to pay you. This is because it includes a special "Pay Now" button. By using it, your clients can easily pay for the products or services that you offer. In addition to invoice creation, Billdu also enables you to create other documents such as purchase orders, estimates and inventory reports. These can be exported in various formats. Examples of these are PDF, CS and XLS. Billdu provides subscription plans based on the number of invoices that you plan to make. The basic one begins at $1.25 and makes 24 invoices. To create unlimited invoices, you simply have to pay $11.66 per month.

4. PayPal Invoice

Built to interact directly with the PayPal online money transfer system, the PayPal Invoice combines the ability to make invoices and receive payment for your goods or services all in one spot. The PayPal Invoice app assists you to create invoices for your work instead of directly asking for payment. Compatible with Android, apple invoice and Web access, this app is light and handy. It allows you to make invoices on a per hour basis or according to your own schedule. The software also enables you to list down your customers or products so as to create invoices quicker. By using PayPal invoices, you can simply import a CSV file that is full of invoice details. Having done so, you can proceed to make invoices in bulk. PayPal Invoice is a free invoice app. You can get this application on Google Play and the App Store.

5. F – Billing

Avaza is highly versatile. This is because the software is designed to generate invoices and also assist with project management. It can manage your tasks easily and also organize them into workflows according to a Kanban board. Avaza can send project estimates to new clients. The app can also help to create teams to fulfill the task requirements. Having completed the tasks, the software allows you to note expenses and create invoices in a few clicks. By using Avaza, you can combine your tasks and payments in one convenient location. You can subscribe to the Avaza Startup Plan at $9.95 per month. This grants you access to 50 invoices and an unlimited number of customers.

How to Create an Invoice Easier with FreshBooks

What is FreshBooks

The process of creating an invoice can be made much easier by using FreshBooks. This is a dedicated software which can generate documents and also help to automate business processes as well. This software was designed to improve the efficiency of your enterprise. Therefore, you can use it to create invoices according to an automatic schedule. You can also use this web-based invoice software open source platform to conduct activities such as accounts reporting, task allocation and expense organization automatically. Seeing as it is Cloud based, FreshBooks is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Here is how to create an invoice using this business digital tool.

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invoice app

How to Create an Invoice with FreshBooks

FreshBooks provides you with two main modules that you can use to create an invoice. They are:

1. The Dashboard

Essentially the application's control panel, the Dashboard provides you with all the tools and features that you need so as to create an invoice. From this resource, you can click on the button labeled "Create New". Having done so, proceed to select “Invoice”. This will immediately get you to a screen titled “New Invoice” within which you can customize a template to fit your transaction requirements.

create new invoice

2. The Invoice Panel

Creating an invoice can also be accomplished directly through the Invoices Panel. From this location, you can tap on a button labeled "New Invoice". This will immediately activate a new template screen that you can customize.

invoice settings

Within the template, there is a section titled Accept Credit Cards. Here, you can determine if your invoice will accept payments made through credit cards. The template also has a Customize Invoice Style section. Here, you can adjust the appearance of your invoice. By using the tools within, you can determine the color of the headers, the font and even whether the invoice will be recurring or not. Last but not least, the Transaction Details section enables you to enter specific details about your invoice. Examples of these are the Company Name, Client Name, Particulars and the Total Cost.

Having completed the invoice, you can Save it for future reference. You can also Send it directly to the client.

FreshBooks provides you with all the tools and features that you need to create professional invoices. It is a capable software which ensures that you maintain excellent relationships with your clients. By using FreshBooks, you can manage your enterprise finances much easier!

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