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How to Make a PDF File from Pictures

2021-11-29 16:05:32 • Filed to: How-To • Proven solutions

Pictures are held important for withholding memories of a certain instant of your life that explains quite a meaning to those who have a look of it. High-definition images are the sensation of these modern times; however, when it comes to transferring such high-definition results across a platform, it is strenuous to cover this up in a considerable amount of time. In such cases, the need to converting the images into another file format is necessary. This article provides you a guide on how to make a PDF file from pictures with PDFelement, a powerful PDF software.

How to Make a PDF File from Pictures

When it comes to how to make a picture a PDF document by following a simple approach, PDFelement comes into your mind for its efficient execution. PDFelement is regarded among the best suite-style offline PDF editor that can be effectively used for the management of PDF documents. When it comes to an understanding of the approach that is involved to make PDF from pictures, it is quite impressive to go through all the guidelines that are provided as follows.

Step 1. Import Image

You need to launch the platform and proceed with selecting the "Create PDF" button from the home window of the application. The platform requires you to go through the list within your desktop and proceed towards selecting it for conversion.

make a PDF file from pictures

Step 2. Convert Multiple Images

Once you are done adding a single file across the platform, you can proceed to add more to it. You can tap on the "Tool" tab on the top of the window to lead to another option. The sub-menu that appears on the screen provides the option of "Combine Files" that is to be selected to upload multiple files. Once the files are added across the pop-up, tap "Apply" to convert the files.

make pdf from pictures

Step 3. Save the PDF File

With the file created, you can now save it easily by selecting the "File" tab and the option of "Save As' from the drop-down menu to settle the location for exporting the file.

make pdf from pictures

The Best PDF Creator - PDFelement

PDF files are quite a file to manage over a device. Apart from being recognized as a standard for reading file formats, there are dedicated editors that are associated with managing PDF files. PDFelement has been mentioned as a platform that offers you a proficient system of editing and managing PDF files. While you realize the importance of PDFelement is a software that is a first-rate choice in PDF editors, it is necessary to shed light on the features that are associated with the platform. PDFelement is not only a simple PDF editor that covers all aspects of editing a PDF file.

This platform offers you the best environment to edit and convert PDF files, with the assurance of maintaining the quality of the original file. Following this, the platform allows you to review and comment over the PDF files without changing the file format of such files. PDFelement is a very effective platform when it comes to features such as protecting your files. This software offers you the system of protecting your files through password protection and information redaction. It even allows you to utilize digital signatures for endorsing various documents. You can always consider using PDFelement as your basic PDF editor for all basic and advanced uses.

How to Convert PDF to Image

PDFelement can not only offer you a unique system of converting images into a single PDF file but can also allow you to practice the operation of converting a PDF file into an image. To understand the execution of this process over this impeccable PDF editor, you need to follow the guidelines stated below.

Step 1. Launch PDFelement and Import PDF

Download and launch the platform on your desktop. Select the option of "Open Files" to browse the PDF file from the local directory. Or you can drag and drop the PDF file to this platform.

open pdf

Step 2. Convert PDF to Image

With the file added to the platform, you need to proceed towards converting it into the respective format. For this, you need to lead towards the "Convert" tab from the top of the window. With the sub-menu appearing below the very tab, select "To Image" from the provided options.

pdf to image

Step 3. Save the Image

Now, the "Save as" window opens up, demanding a location to save the image output format on the desktop. Set up a location and tap on the "Save" button. Then the PDF will be turned into an image in a few seconds. After conversion, you can directly click the "Open" button to view the converted image.

save pdf

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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