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How to Add Signature to PDF Files

Did you know that companies that have gone digital are preferred more over their competitors? With almost everything being computerized, sticking with the conventional ways of signing documents manually doesn’t do much to help your business thrive. Collecting signatures via mail or fax, and then printing, copying, distributing, and storing heaps of papers takes up a lot of time, money, and space. Therefore, save all that and go paperless!

You must be wondering how to add your signature to a PDF? With so many apps to add signatures to PDFs, this process is relatively easy and quick. It does not require any extensive learning, therefore anyone can make this transition without much effort.

Talking about apps to add signatures to PDFs, this article covers two renowned apps along with step-by-step instructions on how to add signatures to PDF documents. The first app is an online tool by Wondershare and the second is a desktop program; both of which are created for e-signatures on PDFs. Let’s get straight to them.

An app to add signatures to PDFs, with an impressive 100 GB of cloud storage and guaranteed privacy, Wondershare Document Cloud is a browser-based tool that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

recommend document cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Collaborative Online Annotation

Easy and Fast File Sharing

In addition to all this, you can also use it to create a signature file to send to others for obtaining their signatures. With so many astounding features, Document Cloud should be your definite choice.

How to Add Signature to PDF Using Document Cloud

Following are the steps to add your signature to a PDF file using Document Cloud:

Step 1: Visit the Cloud Page

Open the website and reach the main page of Document Cloud by clicking on “ACCESS CLOUD” button.

click to cloud

Step 2: Upload Files

Click on “Initiate” to upload documents from your local device or from Document Cloud.

add signature to document

Step 3: Enter Email Addresses

Enter the email address of the people who have to sign the documents, and select one or both of the boxes stating, “Set signing order” and “I want to sign the document”.

add signature to pdf document

Step 4: Forward the Document to the Recipients

recommend document cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Collaborative Online Annotation

Easy and Fast File Sharing

Add the required fields to the PDF file by dragging and dropping them and click on “Send for Signatures” to send the documents to the recipients.

click send for signature button

Step 5: Follow the Link to Sign the Document

All the recipients will receive an email notification with the document link. By clicking on the link they will be redirected to the document on the website, where they will fill in the fields and complete the signature.

add signature to pdf file

How to Add a Signature to PDF Using PDFelement

That was the browser-based tool, meanwhile Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC is a desktop-based app to add signatures to PDFs.

PDFelement enables you to perform numerous functions including, creating, editing, converting, reviewing, commenting, and signing PDF documents, but our topic of concern is to add e-signature to PDFs.

Therefore, if you want to communicate with PDFs in an easier, faster, and better way while having access to powerful editing and conversion tools, install Wondershare PDFelement.

Following is a step-by-step guide to add signatures to PDF documents using PDFelement:

Step 1: Open PDFelement

Open the desired PDF document from your local storage, through the desktop version of PDFelement.

open pdf document using pdfelement pro

Step 2: Save the Edited PDF to Document Cloud

Make the necessary amendments in the document, and then upload the PDF to Document Cloud through PDFelement by clicking on Share > Document Cloud.

create an e signature

Click on “Upload” button to save the current PDF to Document Cloud.

add multiple signatures to pdf

Step 3: Click Electronic Signature to Initiate a Process

Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC

Simplify your Workflow with the Document Cloud for PDFelement.

pdfelement pro dc

The last step is to initiate the signature process. For this, first, you will have to click on “Electronic Signature” on the PDF document. The Document Cloud main page will open, where you can click on “Initiate” to send the PDF to the signees.

add my signature to a pdf

The apps to add signature to PDFs mentioned above will help you run your business effectively and manage everyday office transactions with minimum mess-ups. Therefore, it is a wise choice to make Document Cloud and PDFelement a part of your official documentation, so that the whole process can be automated, and you can gather e-signatures effortlessly, with utmost privacy.

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