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How to Copy Screen on Mac

2021-11-15 18:22:05 • Filed to: Cropro How-tos • Proven solutions

Doing a copy screen on Mac is essentially taking a screenshot. In other words, when you take a snapshot of what’s on your screen, it’s called a copy screen, screengrab, or screen capture. Unlike Windows, there is no dedicated key that is automatically mapped to the copy screen function in macOS. However, there is a key combination (shortcut keys) that you can use to either save a screenshot to your desktop as an image file (PNG by default) or just copy it to the clipboard for the purpose of pasting it inside another app to subsequently edit, annotate, crop, and otherwise modify the file before saving or sharing it.

Best Ways to Copy Screen on a Mac

The inherent screen capture function in Mac is triggered by a combination of keys that, when pressed simultaneously, will initiate the screen snapshot feature. You then select the area of capture (based on the variation of the key combination) and take the screenshot, either saving it to the desktop or to the clipboard. The keyboard shortcut has Shift + Command as the base combination, and the options are to use 3, 4, or 5 as the final key. In addition, you can add the Ctrl key to alter the function slightly.

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Limitations: The obvious drawback to using these methods is that there’s no image editor to edit the screenshot. You also don’t have features like annotations and cropping, which means using a different image editor to finish the job. What’s worse is that Mac saves these copy screen images in the PNG format, which can go into several GB per file. That makes it hard to share by email, one of the most common ways people share image files.

Introducing Wondershare Cropro, which cuts through the mess and creates a clear path to taking a copy screen on Mac, editing and annotating it, cropping the edges off, and sharing or saving the file as a much smaller JPG image.

How to Copy Screen on Mac with Cropro

Cropro was developed by Wondershare, which was made famous by software tools like Filmora and mobile data management tools like dr. fone. This unique copy screen tool for macOS (Windows version also available) is a revolutionary way to take a screenshot on the Mac platform. Here are detailed steps for getting the job done:

There are several copy screen options in Cropro, including full window (any scrollable window including a full web page), active screen only, preselected area, user-defined area. The process for executing a copy screen command is very simple:

  • 1. The first thing you see when you access the program by opening it or through the shortcut icon is the capture type selection button. An arrow next to it lets you choose the type of screengrab. Select the default option or choose the one you want by clicking on it.
  • 2. This will now give you a reference window (dimmed area) that indicates the area that will be captured. Click within the area to take the screenshot.
  • 3. As soon as the copy screen is done, you’ll see several options. Click on Copy or click on Open in Main Window and then on the Copy icon near the top of the software window.
  • 4. The screenshot image is now saved to your clipboard, and you can paste (Cmd+v) it into any image application.

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That’s just one of the things you can do with your copy screen image. Here are more options:

    ● You can choose to open the screenshot in the main Cropro window, where you can edit the image and add annotations.
    ● In the main window, there is a cropping tool you can use to snip off the excess parts around the core content of your screenshot. You can do this before or after annotating the image.
    ● After editing and cropping, you can save the new file as a JPG or PNG.

crop image online

Why Cropro is the Best ‘Copy Screen on Mac’ Tool

There are several reasons why Cropro is a better option - not only better than the native Mac copy screen function but also most of the top screenshot tools available today. A prime example of a premium tool that’s out of reach for most people is TechSmith’s Snagit. There’s no doubt that it’s a great screen grab utility but the price point makes a lot of people hesitant about paying for the main license and then any new upgrades down the road. With Cropro, you get an affordable tool that is capable of handling nearly all screenshot scenarios, as well as processing it further before sharing or saving the file. In addition, if you’re switching between a Mac and a PC, you’ll have a seamless transition from one version of Cropro to the other. Do copy screen on Mac the smart way and be more productive, more efficient, and more accurate with Wondershare Cropro.

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Video on How to Capture and Annotate the Screenshot with Cropro

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