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In real estate, selling can be tough, especially without functional real estate agent tools. Before you can close a sale, you must find a buyer among thousands of potential clients with multiple needs. Additionally, the tough economic times over the past few years have made the real estate sub-sector one of the toughest in the economy.

To help practitioners through such tough times, numerous tools for real estate agents have been developed to help close deals and manage clients. These tools have become game-changers in the world of selling for real estate agents. In this post, we look at some of the best tools for real estate agents in 2016.

5 Best Real Estate Agent Tools

1. Periscope

Periscope is one of the most useful tools for real estate agents. It is basically a live streaming app for iOS and Android that lets you convert your phone into a mobile broadcasting station. Periscope sends real-time video and audio to anyone who is tuned into your broadcast and allows them to share feedback and comments via Twitter during and after the broadcast.

For real estate agents, Periscope is an invaluable tool that lets you stay ahead of the competition. You can use the app to provide virtual tours of a piece of property to a remote group of potential buyers who aren't able to attend a physical tour. Your viewers can comment and initiate discussions about the property remotely and in real time, which helps save both you and the client valuable time.

tools for real estate agents

On the flip side, Periscope gobbles up a lot of your battery's charge over a short time – understandably – so ensure your smartphone is fully charged before going live.

2. eSign+

eSign+ is a convenient real estate agent tool used to insert signatures on digital documents. For real estate agents, this tool can come in quite handy when looking to close deals with remotely located clients. Simply upload your agreements, contracts, or other related documents and have the recipient insert their signature, just like they would on a physical document.

eSign+ integrates Dropbox, Google Drive, and many other third party applications to help make life a bit easier for real estate agents. It also comes with an intuitive e-signing wizard, which means your users don't have to be techies to insert their signatures.

real estate agent marketing tools

Save for the extra charges incurred for phone verification on the client's end, eSign+ definitely deserves a place on a real estate agent's arsenal.

3. PDFelement for Business

PDFelement for Business is a versatile real estate agent tool for creating, editing and modifying PDF documents. It can be used to create and convert PDF documents to and from Office documents, HTML, image files, and other file types, including in batch, which lets you save valuable office time in your real estate practice.

real estate agent tools
  • You can also edit text and pages on your PDF document by editing fonts, splitting and combining pages, adding annotations, stamps, and markups, and even editing and filling forms.
  • You can also secure your mortgage deeds, contracts, and other sensitive real estate documents with passwords, permission restrictions, digital signatures, and even redactions.
  • Additionally, with OCR, you can turn your scanned PDF file into an editable and fully searchable file.
  • Further, real estate agents can take advantage of cloud connectivity to facilitate collaboration between everyone within the value chain.
  • Best of all, it is multiplatform, which means you can install the application and sync your work over your iOS, Windows, and Mac devices seamlessly.

4. SpeakingPhoto

SpeakingPhoto is a neat application that enables you to add voice memos to still images. It is also one of the most popular real estate agent marketing tools, enabling agents and brokers to insert voice descriptions to images of properties. The app can also be used to create a movie with multiple audio-encoded images, which can be a great way to describe different features of residential or commercial properties.

best tools for real estate agents

And while it might be much easier to take a video with your iPhone of the said property, the movies created by SpeakingPhoto are often much smaller compared with your phone's video, which makes them easier to share. SpeakingPhoto works on iPhone and iPads but can be used to send photos to Windows Phone and Android devices.

5. TruPlace

TruPlace is a custom real estate application that offers real estate agents and brokers the ability to create interactive floor plans for marketing purposes. TruPlace uses data and photos of existing properties to create a floor by floor interactive tour of the property that can then be used to offer potential clients a realistic view of the property.

real estate agent tools

With this tool, realtors can manage their clients' expectations, which helps promote trust and establish the agent's professional profile. It ranks highly among real estate marketing tools, thanks to its ability to help real estate agents sell their properties faster and easily. As such, TruPlace is easily one of the best tools for real estate agents this year and going into 2017.

Tips for Choosing a Right Real Estate Agent Tool

Choosing the right real estate agent tools will not only help you grow your business but will also improve your productivity and help you close more deals with little effort. When choosing such tools, always remember the best tools for real estate agents should always add value to the business, especially if they are paid applications. Some tools cost a fortune to acquire and maintain but fall short of adding any real value to the selling process.

You should also steer away from highly technical apps unless you have a solid background in tech. The learning curve involved before you can use such tools will distract you from your main objective, which is closing deals. Keep it simple and functional and only invest in complicated tech once your business grows and demands advanced tech.

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