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Best Alternative for Nitro Pro Enterprise Version - Updated

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2021-10-21 17:11:46 • Filed to: Business Solution • Proven solutions

Nitro Pro for enterprise is simple PDF editing software which offers unique editing features, thus making it worth the money. However, Nitro Pro enterprise version fails to provide even the most basic features such as embedding audio and video into your presentations, thus greatly limiting its customer base. So what other product to use then that provides you with all the features you could need? This article introduces you the best alternative to Nitro Pro enterprise version.

Nitro Pro Enterprise Version vs PDFelement

PDFelement for Business, specially designed for enterprises and companies, is easy and straightforward to use and allows users the maximum control. The administration is given the control to limit the number of users using the software and also limit the access to its files. Updates are not carried out automatically but are carried out with the consent of the company’s administration. Some of its outstanding features are:

Nitro Pro Enterprise

Volume Licensing Discount: PDFelement for Business allows enterprises to use the same product key for multiple installations of its software when the enterprise buys in volume, instead of making them buy multiple product keys, thus helping the company save a lot of money.

Multiple Deployment Options: Company’s management can choose how they want to deploy the software and can ask the product’s service center to send over a customized client and server to deploy.

Customize Software for Businesses with High Security: Just as the company’s administrators can customize deployment options, similarly they can also ask the product's service center to pay attention to certain features more than the others, such as security and protection.

Comparison between Nitro Pro and PDFelement

Product Features
Download Download
Nitro Pro
Compatibility Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Windows Only
Price $99.95 for Pro Version $159.99
Edit PDF
Annotate PDF
Create PDF
Convert PDF
EPUB format is not supported
OCR Support 23 languages Support 9 languages
Protect PDF
Sign PDF

How to Increase Productivity

1: Edit PDF with PDFelement for Business

To edit a PDF, run PDFelement for Business and choose "Edit PDF" option from the startup screen. From the dialog box that opens, choose the PDF to be edited. Then proceed to "Edit" tab to make required changes.

Nitro Pro Enterprise

2: Convert PDF in Batch

Open PDFelement for Business and select "Convert PDF" from the startup screen. A dialog box will appear. Click on "Add Files" to add the appropriate PDFs to be converted. Specify the page ranges required, check the "Enable OCR" checkbox and choose the required output format to convert into. Click "Convert" to start the process.

Nitro Enterprise

3: Secure the PDF

To protect your PDF from being viewed or edited by unauthorized personnel, go to "Protect" tab and choose "Password" option. A dialog box opens up. Type in your password and click "OK" to apply.

Nitro Pro Enterprise

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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