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A law firm has many different clients and therefore a lot of transactional charges are handled, not to mention other types of legal documents. If you run a law firm, it is therefore prudent to have an easy way to not only keep track of time but also bill it correctly. In this article, we are going to be looking at the benefits of legal accounting software and share with you some of the best options for you.

Top 4 Legal Accounting Software

1. BillQuick

This is a program to choose for the most flexible time billing and legal accounting software on the market. It offers an easy way to not only bill for your time but keep track of the payments. It is available as a standalone product or a cloud service and is useful for a variety of industries.

accounting software for lawyers


  • It is easy to use and offers comprehensive billing options
  • Makes tracking of payments very easy


  • It may not be useful for a company of larger than 50 employees You can't sync it with Dropbox

2. NetSuite

This is a business management suite that does more than just offer great accounting options. It is also ideal for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. This legal accounting software is therefore the best for you if you are looking for an all-inclusive solution.

legal accounting software


  • Offers more than just accounting options
  • It has powerful saved search


  • It lacks helpful customer support options

3. Sage Fixed Assets

It is one of the most comprehensive legal accounting software in the market. It gives you various options including the ability to track multiple methods of asset depreciation. It also very easy integrates with other general ledger systems to make billing and tracking very easy.

law firm accounting software


  • It has a very high consumer rating, making it one of the most credible software in the business
  • You can export most of the reports in Excel format


  • The user interface is a little bit difficult to navigate

4. Xledger

This is an automated, cloud-based legal accounting software and ERP solution that is ideal for mid-sized and large companies. The system is unique in the fact that it is configurable rather than customizable. It has great reporting capabilities and real time reporting on billing and other functions including time tracking, invoicing and many others.

accounting software for law firms


  • The fact that it is cloud-based makes sharing quick and easy
  • It has collaborative features that make working as a team that much easier


  • It can be a little bit difficult to set up at first
  • It is not ideal for small businesses

The First Software to Edit Legal Forms

Billing goes hand in hand with correct documentation and as such you need a document management program that will make it easy for you to edit all of the invoices and forms that need to be filed before billing. The best tool for this job is PDFelement for Business for the simple reason that it gives you a quick and easy way to not only create but also edit PDFs. With it, you can create and edit all of your legal documents including all of the invoices you need to send to clients for payments.

legal accounting software
  • It makes editing both images and text quick and easy
  • You can also use it to red PDF documents with the added advantage of being able to annotate the document as you go. You can add notes, comments, stamps and even strikethrough and underline text.
  • It is also very useful when you want to convert PDFs to most other formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many others.
  • It is useful when you want to create PDFs, allowing you to do so in just one click.
  • It also comes with protection features that allow you to restrict access to any document by adding a password to it.
  • OCR makes it easy for you to edit image-rich or scanned PDFs.

The following is a simple tutorial to help you edit and fill legal forms.

Step 1: How to Edit PDF Invoice

Install the program to your computer and from the main window, click “Open” to upload the PDF invoice you want to edit.

Once uploaded, click on “Edit” and then either choose “Edit Text” to change the text or “Add Text” if you want to add new text to the document. Then click inside the document to bring up the text box and click inside the text box to bring up the cursor to make the changes.

law firm accounting software

Step 2: How to Fill PDF Forms

When you upload a fillable form, PDFelement will alert you to this fact and you will see a hand icon “Highlight fields” when you hover over the text field. The cursor icon will appear allowing you to fill in the form easily.

You can also go to “Form” and click “Edit Form” to start make modifications to the form. You can also add text field, check box, radio button etc. to the PDF form.

accounting software for law firms
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