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Deployment of software, updates and patches are important job for the IT team of an enterprise. There are many processes into it and some can be automated. Continuous deployment is preferred nowadays because it is a total auto deployment process than continuous delivery. Besides, continuous deployment is more convenient for enterprises and the software can be handled easily. If you want to learn more advantage of continuous deployment, just keep reading.

The Definition of Continuous Deployment

The process of releasing the final software or fixes to the end user is called continuous deployment. It is done on a regular basis, sometimes 2-3 times in a day by big companies like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The codes or patches are distributed via deployment servers or tools.

continuous deploy

Here are some advantages of continous deployment:

  • Problems can be fixed as soon as they are discovered with a small patch
  • Creating an automated continuous deployment system gives time to developers to focus on quality of products
  • User satisfaction guaranteed as bugs and performance issues can be quickly addressed
  • Attending to problems as soon as they arise eliminates the task of developing large sized updates

Top 3 Continuous Deployment Tools


System Center Configuration Manager can automate deployments and repeat them automatically for remote computers. It can also be used for installation and delivering updates.

continuous delivery deployment


  • Along deployment it can retrieve a malfunctioning system


  • Not able to deploy more than one package per deployment

2. Windows Terminal Server

Coming from Microsoft, it delivers software configurations, installs and updates to end users. It can be automated to perform continuous deployment in enterprises.

continuous integration and deployment


  • Cuts down administrative costs through automated deployments
  • Easy to control and monitor


  • Only supported softwares can be deployed
  • Load balancing may prove ineffective at times

3. Group Policy

This feature in Windows Servers enable administrators to send software re

open source continuous deployment


  • Better authorization and security features
  • Many ways to deploy


  • Not possible to distribute outside the established group

How to Deploy Software with SCCM

Step 1: Create Application Wizard

We are showing how to deploy any software using SCCM. Assuming SCCM is configured, we will proceed from the Home screen. The first thing need to do is creating application wizard for the software you want to deploy. Type the right information about the software. Please pay attention to the Install Behavior item, and choose “Install for User” option.

continuous integration and continuous deployment

Step2: Create User Collection Wizard

Then you should add a user group to active directory and put the users you want to deploy in the group. After that, you should click on the “User Collection” item and choose the “Create User Collection” option to start setting the “Membership Rules” of this deployment, for example, you should set the name and “Limiting collection”. Just enter necessary information and click on “Next”.

php continuous deployment

Step 3: Deploy Software Wizard

Now the target distribution group is displayed. Now we can go to the deployment settings. It is quite simple. Just right click on the application you want to deploy and then click “Deploy”.

Now you have to set the task of deployment. Apply your required settings. The Action needs to be Install and Purpose as available. If you want the control to authorize users, choose the Require Administrator approval box. When the application request is approved, we can see there is an “Install” option and just click to install the application.

continuous deployment tools
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