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VIP Program of Adobe Acrobat DC for Enterprise - Updated

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2023-09-08 16:30:03 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Both Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise and Acrobat DC are now available through the Value Incentive program, enabling VIP education customers to license Creative Cloud and Acrobat. CCE and Acrobat DC are ideal for VIP customers looking for a single sign on solution with close support from the Adobe team. Features like Adobe Enterprise dashboard, and SSO support make it easy to get to grips with the Adobe system from the beginning.

Comprehensive Information about Enterprise VIP License

Now that Adobe Acrobat DC is available through VIP, medium to large businesses can now take their user management back to basics with the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard. The whole system is easy to use, and your systems are protected with IP and SSO encryption. The main features can be broken down into Adobe Enterprise Dashboard, Business grade security and SSO support.

Adobe Enterprise Dashboard

The Adobe Enterprise Dashboard makes it easy for an IT administrator to manage multiple users and groups, as well as access deployment tools. The enterprise dashboard excels at streamlining business processes and putting IT administrators in position to work efficiently.

Business Grade Security

The business grade security of the package ensures that the users information is protected by industry standard best practices. Security includes dedicated encryption keys for at-rest assets, as well as user authentication via Enterprise ID. Admins can also choose to enable SSO from system to system and cloud to cloud.

SSO Support

Adobe’s SSO support helps IT administrators to maintain better oversight and control of the CCE, and enable users to log in and access services across the cloud through desktop and mobile devices. The SSO support ensures that CCE coverage is calibrated to the needs of the user.

Acrobat Alternative for Enterprise Users - PDFelement

Wondershare’s PDFelement is one of the most competitive alternatives to Adobe Acrobat on the market today. The competitively priced PDFelement features no subscription fees, and allows the user to create, convert and edit PDFs both on mobile and desktop devices.

1. Comprehensive functions

Just like Acrobat, PDFelement’s core function is as a PDF editor. Both programs allow you to create, convert and edit PDFs, but PDFelement makes it much easier to add, remove and resize graphical objects in your PDF without compromising the format. You also have the ability to secure your PDFs with password protection. When it comes to annotations, Acrobat allows the user to highlight text, add comments and draw shapes, where as PDF element gives the facility of highlighting information and producing sticky notes as well.

However, where PDFelement really differentiates itself from Acrobat is its OCR function. The OCR recognition allows the user to scan in paper documents, which will then be converted into a PDF document. The OCR can be used in over 20 languages. In terms of security features, there is also the ability to redact sensitive information from documents in order to ensure there’s no unauthorized access.

2. Fast and free customer service

One of the biggest assets of PDFelement is the fantastic post-purchase customer service. Wondershare has always stood out as a company that prioritizes their customers and the efficiency of their user experience. If you have a question, either as an individual or established enterprise, the Wondershare team will be happy to help and provide a solution for your problem.

3. Continous Product Development

Much of Wondershare’s reputation as an active feedback orientated organization has come from its willingness to provide patches and fix bugs. The company has a long history of commitment to product development, and ensuring that customer feedback goes directly to the development team for analysis and fix.

4. A thriving and active community

No less important than the support team at Wondershare, is the community behind them. PDFelement has a fantastic community of users willing to help answer questions and contribute their perspective on various technical problems. The active forum boasts members all the way from individuals, to freelancers to large company members who understand how PDFelement works, and how to get the most out of your user experience.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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