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Top 5 PDF Editors for Mac to Edit PDF Files in OS X (Mavericks)

Looking for a PDF editor for Mac to edit and annotate PDF files? I once needed a Mac PDF Editor too. However, when I searched the Internet, only to find that there were not so many options. And to figure out which one is the best for me, I had to compare these Mac PDF Editors I had found carefully. Here I’d like to share with you the top 5 PDF editors for Mac I know.

Part 1: Brief Introduction of Top 5 Mac PDF Editors

No. Product Name Operating System Rank Price Brief Introduction
1 Acrobat for Macintosh
Mac OS X 5.0
$350 Adobe Acrobat for Macintosh is the best and most professional PDF editor for Mac. No Mac PDF editor can beat Acrobat for Macintosh in its functionality.
2 Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac
Mac OS X 4.5
$99.95 Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac is a professional yet affordable PDF editing tool. It provides full editing features for Mac users to create, edit, convert PDF files, edit and fill out PDF forms on a Mac.
3 PDFpenPro
Mac OS X 3.5
$99.95 PDFpen Pro is the Pro version of PDFpen. It allows Mac users to modify PDF text, edit PDF pages, export PDF content to Word, and perform OCR to scanned PDF files.
4 Preview
Mac OS X 3.0
Free Apple Preview is the default PDF Editor for Mac in Mac OS X. It allows users to annotate, create, split and merge PDF files on a Mac.
5 Skim
Mac OS X
Free Skim is a free PDF editor for Mac. It enables you to view PDF files, highlight important text, crop PDF files, add bookmarks, and more.

Part 2: Detailed Info for Top 5 PDF Editors for Mac

Acrobat for Macintosh

Score: 5.0

Acrobat for Macintosh is the number one PDF editor for Mac. All features it provides are solid and stable. Because it is such a professional PDF editing tool and its high price ($350), most of its clients tend to be entrepreneurs.

  • Create PDF files (no double the results are industry-standard files);
  • Edit PDF files, including text, images, pages, etc.
  • Merge and combine files;
  • Protect PDF files with restrictions;
  • Make comments on PDF files and collaborate among people;
  • Create, sign and analyze PDF forms;
  • Provide cloud services;

Sounds too professional to understand, right? To be honest, it's hard to tell the details since it has so many features. You can learn the details here >>

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Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac

Score: 4.5

Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac is designed for small businesses and individuals, so it is not as professional as Acrobat for Macintosh. But all features it provided are enough for users to handle PDF files in OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard.

  • Create and combine web pages, text files, imagest, etc. as PDF files;
  • Edit PDF text, images, watermark, and pages;
  • Merge and split PDF files;
  • Reuse PDF content in Office documents, HTML pages, and EPUB eBooks,etc.
  • Built-in OCR makes text in imageb-based PDF files editable and searchable;
  • Edit and fill out PDF form hassle freely;

Click to download or learn more details of Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac.

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Score: 3.5

PDFpenPro is shareware. It offers users some simple editing features, like exporting PDF content to Word documents, correcting typos in PDF text, sign PDF files with handwritten signature, etc.

  • Export PDF content to Microsoft Word documents;
  • Correct typos in PDF text;
  • Sign PDF files with handwritten signature;
  • Make images-based text in PDF files to editable by performing OCR;
  • Store PDF files in the Cloud;
  • Create PDF forms;

Visit PDFpenPro Official site >>

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Score: 3.5

Preview is the default PDF viewer and PDF editor for Mac OS X. It functions more like a PDF viewer that lets users to annotate PDF files. At the same time, it is also a simple PDF editor for Mac since it allows users to create, merge, and split PDF files.

  • Export web pages and images as PDF format
  • Split a PDF file by dragging the thumbnails out of the file;
  • Merge PDF files by dragging the thumbnails together;
  • Rotate PDF pages;
  • Annotate PDF files with a range of tools;

Learn how to use Preview >>

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Score: 2.5

Skim is a free Mac PDF editor. It functions like Preview. It offers markup tools that help users to highlight important PDF content, add and edit notes, crop PDF files, etc.

  • View PDF files;
  • Add and edit notes;
  • Highlight text;
  • Take snapshots of PDF files;
  • Give presentations with built-in transitions

Learn more details about Skim >>

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