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2 Sites to Get PDF eBooks

Having problem in finding the right PDF document on the Internet? To solve the problem, you need PDF search engine. Here, we present you with 3 PDF Search Engine.

Posted by Emma Shaw | @Emma Shaw | Category: Top PDF Software
Published: May 12,2015 13:58 pm / Updated: May 19,2015 18:23 pm

Have spend more than half an hour searching for a document online, only to find that the document you have found is not in PDF format you need. As I have mentioned you can open the PDF before you download it in web browser. However, you have to find the PDF files first. To make sure the file you get is exactly PDF format, you need to use PDF search engine. Here 2 PDF search engines are introduced. You can depend on them.

PDFGeni is a nice PDF search engine for PDF files (ebooks, documents & forms). Type in the keywords in the search box, then all the related PDF files are displayed here. I like it very much because of its magazines. You could always find magazines about technology, business and education. Of course, it has many other magazine subjects. You can subscribe magazines for fee or save these books for free.

 PDF search engine

Search PDF is able to help you find and download PDF files (eBooks, tutorials, forms, etc.). You just go to its website, search for the PDF files you need. If you want to save the time, you can have the plug-in added to your Firefox search bar. Whenever you need a PDF file, you just type in the Firefox search bar to get it.

 free PDF search

Now comes to the end of article. But I have to say do not ignore Google. In Google search engine, you could get everything you need, including PDF files. Whenever you need a PDF file, you can type in keywords, then with "filetype: pdf" in Google search engine. Without doubt, you can get what you want.

I know that now it is time for digital documents and digital entertaining. After you get some interesting PDF eBooks, you might want to read on on e-Readers, like iPad, Sony Reader, Barnes & Nobles Nook, or Kindle, etc. To enhance your reading experience, you should convert PDF to EPUB, because PDF is too large to read on portable devices, while EPUB is suitable to read on any e-Readers. To Convert PDF to EPUB, I recommend a good yet affordable tool, Wondershare PDF to EPUB Converter. You just need to import PDF files and hit "Convert" to export ePUB books. It is quite simple to make your digital like more wonderful.

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