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How to Sign Digital PDF with Handwritten Signature

If you do not know how to sign digital PDF documents with your handwritten signature, see the method introduced here.

Margarete Cotty
Published: May 18,2015 16:44 pm / Updated: Aug 28,2015 14:37 pm

There are so many reasons that you need to sign digital PDF files with your signature from time to time. First, PDF is most widely used format for contracts, receipts and invoices, etc in today's business world. You need to sign and send them to your partners. Second, your boss is an environmentalist and he or she advocates paperless office. All these files that can be digital one never could be printed. Or you do not have time to print digital files and then sign your signature. All in all, to work efficiently and environmentally, signing digital PDF is necessary. If you do not know how to sign PDF with digital signature, here is the way.

How to sign digital PDF files with handwritten signature

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is an all-in-1 PDF tool which enables you to sign any digital PDF file with handwritten signature easily and efficiently. Just try it to sign PDF files with handwritten signature. Click the download button to get the installer. And then double click the .exe file to install it on your computer. If you have a Mac, you should download Mac PDFelement trial version.

Step 2: Create your handwritten signature

Here are the 2 simple ways to create handwritten digital signature.

  1. Use the writing board to sign your name there and output as a picture.
  2. Sign your name on a piece of blank paper. Scan it with a scanner or just take a snapshot of it. Save it as an image in PNG or JPG format.

Step 3: Apply the handwritten signature in PDFelement

Launch Wondershare PDFelement. In the Comment menu, find and click the option "Create Custom Stamp" by revealing the Create Stamp drop down list.

create custom stamp
create custom stamp

When clicking "Create Custom Stamp", a pop-up will appear, asking you to browse your computer for the scanned handwritten signature. Find the digital signature which we created just before, open it and click Next. In the next dialogue box, you should sort the custom stamp in a new category or put it into an existing category. For me, I'd like to put it in the Sign Here Category. Name the handwritten signature and click OK. By doing this, you've import your handwritten signature into Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 4: Sign a PDF file with your handwritten signature

When you need to sign a PDF file with your handwritten signature, in the Comment menu, click your handwritten in the Stamps drop-down list and place it on the PDF file. It is very easy, right? In addition, this quick sign method is very helpful if you have many files to sign. Whenever need it, just click it and place it. Quick, easy and convenient!

sign PDF with handwritten signature

This is about how to sign PDF file with a handwritten signature. With Wondershare PDFelement, you'll make it very easily and quickly. Try by yourself and you'll find more excellent features to manage PDF files and form. Have fun with PDF files.

Sign PDF files with handwritten signature now!

Check the Video Tutorial of How to Sign a Digital PDF With a Handwritten Signature

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