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How to Print PDF files?

PDF Printer: Looking for a PDF printer to print files to PDF documents? This article introduces you one of the best PDF printers to print PDF files.

Elise Williams
Published: May 21,2015 9:27 am / Updated: Aug 03,2015 14:10 pm

Looking for a PDF Printer to print PDF files from MS Word, Excel, PPT, Plain Text, etc.? OK, at word or in study, it is really very necessary to know how to print files to PDF documents. Compared with other file formats, PDF is more formal. PDF is widely used as the standard format for contracts, receipts, application forms, thesis, and dissertation, etc. If you do not know which PDF printer to use, you can try my recommendation here: Wondershare PDFelement.

As one of the best PDF printers, Wondershare PDFelement allows users to print almost any file which can be opened on your computer to PDF document. And the process of printing PDF files is very easy. Only in 2 steps, you’ll print PDF files successfully.

Print PDFs in two steps

Step 1: Download and install this PDF Printer

Click the download button to get the trial version of the PDF Printer. And then double-click the .exe file to install it on your computer. After the installation, launch the PDF Printer right away. If you need to print images (gif, .jpeg, .png, .jpg, .bmp, .tiff), wepages (.html, .webarchive,  .htm),  and text files (.rtf, .text, .rtfd) as PDF documents on Mac, please try the PDF Printer Mac version.

Step 2: Upload files and print to PDF with PDF Printer

Click Home tab to reveal all the submenu options. There is an item named " From File ". Click it to enable the printing PDF dialogue box. From here, you should browse your computer for the file that you want to print as a PDF file. After finding it, open it with this PDF printer. Next, held Contrl and S key to save this file on your computer as a PDF file.

Combine: Click the 'Combine' button, you can add several different types of files and print them into a single PDF file.

 PDF Printer

Bingo! This is it. In a few seconds, this PDF Printer will finish the whole process of printing PDF file for you. And the output folder will be opened automatically for you to check.

Print Password Protected PDF Files

Have gotten an important PDF file, only to find it cannot be printed? In this case, the PDF might be a password protected PDF. To print it, you have to learn how to print password protected PDF. This article is a guide for how to print protected PDF in Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 7.

To print a protected PDF, the first thing is removing the PDF protection. Only after removing the PDF protection, you will be capable of printing it. To remove the PDF protection, a PDF protection remover is needed. Here in this article, we’re going to use Wondershare PDF Password Remover to remove the PDF password. Learn how to print a protected PDF.

Step 1: Download PDF Protection Remover

Click Download to get Wondershare PDF Password Remover installation package. As you see, both the Windows and Mac trial version are available to download. After downloading, you need to install the PDF app on your computer. Here in the following, we focus on how to print protected PDF files on Mac. For Windows users, please read Wondershare PDF Password Remover Guide.

Download PDF Password Remover Trial Version!

DOWNLOAD Download PDFelement Secure Download
DOWNLOAD Download PDFelement Secure Download

Step 2: Import PDF files

Wondershare PDF Password Remover for Mac is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. After installing it, you should launch it right away. And then drag and drop PDF files that you want to print to it. Batch removing PDF protection is supported, so just feel free to import an array of PDF files.

Step 3: Remove PDF protection

print protected PDF

After importing PDF files to the PDF app, if locks appear on each PDF item bar, it means you need to click the lock to enter the right authorized password. Otherwise, you still can't remove the PDF protection. If there is no lock, it means the PDF file is only protected from printing. You just need to click Start to remove the protection and print the PDF files later.

Step 4: Print protected PDF file

Ok, in the above steps, you've successfully removed the protection from PDF files. Now you can print these PDF files freely. To check out the restriction free PDF files, go to the output folder : PDF Password Remover > Preferences… >Destination.

That's all for the merger PDF files steps.

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