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How to Edit PDF Files in Word 2013

Finally, Microsoft Word 2013 enables users to edit PDF files. If you do not know how to edit PDF in Word 2013, read the details.

Emily Xiao
Posted by Emily Xiao | @Emily Xiao | Category: PDF Editing Tips
Published: May 21,2015 11:30 am / Updated: Aug 03,2015 10:59 am

Finally, Microsoft Word 2013 comes with the expected highlighted feature: edit PDF files. This is so far the most welcomed feature, which is especially friendly to business. Editing PDF with Word 2013 is just like what you would do to a Word document and you can check the steps as below. However, there are some shortcomings for Word 2013 editing the PDF files. I will collect them in this article and show you better alternative to make modification to your PDF pages.

  1. Part 1: Steps for editing PDF files in Word 2013
  2. Part 2: Better alternative to edit PDF files

Part 1: Steps for editing PDF files in Word 2013

  • In Word 2013, click File > Open.
  • Browse your computer for the PDF file, and then click Open.
  • Make any change you want, just liking editing a Word doc: insert, revise and delete text, insert or delete images, change the layout, etc.

Common issue you would encounter

Easy, isn’t it? However, when you open a PDF file with Word 2013, some formatting may be lost in the process of converting PDF to editable Word documents. It means you can’t get the original PDF document formatting back even after you finishing editing it in Word 2013. Maybe, this is the reason why Microsoft rolls out this expected feature so late. It’s really hard to keep the original PDF formatting in Word documents, after all PDF format is quite different from Word document.

In this case, if you still insist on editing a PDF file with Microsoft Word 2013 while keeping the original PDF formatting, then you should convert PDF to Word 2013 first. Then open the output Word document for further editing. There is another problem as well: Microsoft Word 2013 cannot edit PDF form fields or let you fill out a form. What a pity.

Part 2: Better alternative to edit PDF files

What about directly editing PDF files without converting to Word Doc? If you want to skip the converting process and get down to PDF editing right away, I don't think Microsoft Office will help much. You need a professional PDF editing tool, like Wondershare PDFelement. It is a complete PDF solution designed for small businesses and individuals. Besides letting you create, edit, and convert PDF documents, what’s more important, it enables you to edit, fill, or even sign PDF forms.

Download PDF Editor trial version to edit PDF files

DOWNLOAD Download PDFelement Secure Download
DOWNLOAD Download PDFelement Secure Download

I like the feature: editing PDF in Word 2013. To be honest, now I am looking forward to the official version. And if I have an informal PDF file, maybe I will edit it directly in Word 2013. However, for format PDF files, like contracts, receipts, reports, etc, I still prefer a professional PDF application. Hope Microsoft will make it better for users to edit PDF files in Word 2013.

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