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Insert Images to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Need to insert images into PDF files via Adobe Acrobat? This article guides you through the whole process of inserting image to PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

Emily Xiao
Posted by Emily Xiao | @Emily Xiao | Category: PDF Editing Tips
Published: Jul 13,2015 10:09 am / Updated: Aug 03,2015 14:25 pm

After creating a PDF file, you might need to insert images to it to make it a complete PDF document. Here in this article, I talk about how to use Adobe Acrobat to insert images into a PDF files. If you don't have an Adobe Acrobat and have no plan to pay for it, maybe you should try a cost-effective PDF editing tool to insert images into a PDF file. I introduce an Adobe Acrobat replacement tool in Part 2. Hope the info will be helpful.

  1. Part 1: Adobe Acrobat to Insert Images to PDF Files
  2. Part 2: Cost-effective Adobe Acrobat Replacement to Insert Images to PDF Files

Part 1: Insert Image to PDF With  Adobe Acrobat X Pro

  1. Open the PDF which you desire to add image to in Adobe Acrobat X Professional. Go to Tools>Comment and Markup, and select "Stamps". After that, click "Create Custom Stamp".
  2. Press "Browse" button to upload the image you want o insert to PDF. In the "Show" drop-down menu, select the format that your image is in. Then select the target image and click "Ok".
  3. This image is regarded as stamps to be added to PDF. So here you need to operate in the "My Stamps" category. Go to Category>My Stamps, type in a name for the image you need and click "OK".
  4. Go to Tools, navigate to Comment and Markup> Stamps> My Stamps, select image. At that moment, you could see the image has overlaid the PDF. Move curser to the very right place where the image is planned to be. See what happens? The image is here right away.
  5. Click on the image to reveal the blue border, where you can drag to resize the image.

insert image to PDF in adobe acrobat

Part 2: Cost-effective Adobe Acrobat Replacement to Insert Images to PDF Files

Step 1: Download Wondershare PDFelement

For Windows users, download Wondershare PDFelement Windows version. For Mac users, download Wondershare PDFelement Mac version for your iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. After the downloading, install it on your computer. 

DOWNLOAD Secure Download
DOWNLOAD Secure Download

Step 2: Insert image to PDF

Click the quick start icon on the desktop to launch Wondershare PDFelement and open the PDF file you're going to insert image into. On Windows PDFelement, click Picture in the Insert Menu to browse the image on your local hard drive and insert it to the PDF.

insert image into PDF

On Mac PDFelement, click the Customize tool on the toolbar to unveil the hidden tools. Drag and drop the "Insert Image" tool to the toolbar. And then click it to insert any image you desired to place on the PDF file.

Step 3: Edit inserted image

Click the inserted image to enable the light blue borders. And then move your mouse to place the image to the right place and adjust the image size. When everything is OK, save the PDF file on your computer. See, this is how to insert an image to PDF on Wondershare PDFelement. It is much easier than doing it on Adobe Acrobat X, right? Try Wondershare PDFelement right now!

DOWNLOAD Secure Download
DOWNLOAD Secure Download

Acrobat X Pro VS. Wondershare PDFelement

  Adobe Acrobat X Pro Wondershare PDFelement
insert, crop, delete images in PDF files
Edit and convert scanned PDF with OCR feature
Convert PDF to Word/Excel
Create PDF files from Word/Excel/Text
Convert PDF to PowerPoint/EPUB/  
Free lifetime support  
price $199.00 $79.90
  Insert Image to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Insert Image to PDF with Wondershare PDFelement

Video Tutorial for Insert Images to a PDF File

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