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How to Write on a PDF File

This article is a detailed tutorial for how to write on a PDF file both in Mac OS X or Windows. Choose the edit text tool to type in a PDF file.

Emily Xiao
Posted by Emily Xiao | @Emily Xiao | Category: PDF Editing Tips
Published: May 15,2015 15:26 pm / Updated: Aug 03,2015 11:51 am

How to write on a PDF file? From time to time, you might need to correct errors, add, or even remove some text from a PDF file. In this case, directly writing on a PDF file could be the best way. Otherwise, you have to find out the original file, edit on it, and then save it as PDF format. If you don't know how to write on a PDF file, just try the way below I introduced.

To write on a PDF file, a PDF tool is needed. Here the PDF tool means a PDF editing tool, not a PDF reader. Some people asked me whether it's possible to type in a PDF file with Adobe Reader or not. Adobe Reader is a PDF reading program. It can't help in typing on a PDF file. Adobe Acrobat is the editing tool, not Adobe Reader. Get confused? It's very easy. Just don't use any tool that comes with "Reader" in its name. In the following, I'd like to suggest you try a professional PDF editing tool – Wondershare PDFelement.

Wondershare PDFelement is a professional PDF editing tool. It lets you type in a PDF file with reflow as if you're typing in a Word document. And you don't have to adjust the font, typeface, color, etc. manually. In this article, we focus on how to use the Wondershare PDFeleement for Mac to write on a PDF on Mac. For Windows users, please read Wondershare PDFelement User Guide here.

To type in a PDF file, click Touchup tool in the toolbar. Move mouse over the PDF file and double-click the text block where you want to type in text. And then you can type in the right text or remove unwanted text. It's up to you. You can also click "Add Text" in the toolbar as well.

how to write on pdf file

The above mentioned is about how to type in a native PDF file. If your PDF file is protected from editing, you should try Wondershare Password Remover to remove the security first. And then use the PDF editing tool to type in a PDF file.

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