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How to Shrink PDF Files in 3 Steps

Cannot upload a large PDF file to the Web for sharing? Or cannot email a big PDF format contract as an attachment? In daily life, if you want to upload a PDF file to the Internet and load it smoothly, you need to shrink the PDF file. There are many ways to shrink a PDF file. This article introduces how to shrink PDF files with Wondershare PDF Editor on a Windows PC. If you need to compress PDF files on a Mac, please read how to compress PDF files on Mac with Preview.

Shrink PDF Files with Wondershare PDF Editor

Wondershare PDF Editor is an all-in-1 PDF solution. It not only provides all kinds of tools to edit, convert and comment PDF files, but also allows you to shrink a PDF file to be a suitable size  for uploading to the Internet, using in Office, or printing. To make it easy for users to shrink a PDF file, there are 3 options for users to choose for the output PDF according to where they will be used. Follow the steps below to learn how to shrink a PDF file with Wondershare PDF Editor.

Step 1. Download Wondershare PDF Editor

Click the download button to download the free trial version of Wondershare PDF Editor. Install it on your Windows PC and launch right away.

Download Win Version

Step 2. Shrink a PDF file

Open the PDF file that you want to shrink with Wondershare PDF Editor. Click the File menu and choose Optimize. On the right side, you can see 4 options for Image quality. From here, you can choose one of them according to what you're going to do with the PDF file. If you don't like the preset options, please click Custom to set the settings you need.

shrink PDF files on Windows PC

If you prefer to set the settings by yourself, after clicking Custom, you'll see the new window like the screenshot below.

shrink PDF files

Step 3. Save the PDF file

After compressing the PDF file, you should click Save As in the File menu to save this PDF file as a new copy on your computer. You'd better save it with a new name in case you will forget which copy is the original one and which is compressed the one.

Download the free trial version of Wondershare PDF Editor to have a try right now!

Download Win Version



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