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Free Ways to Create PDF in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Have received an important email message or email attachment and want to save them as PDF files for your Mac? Or have seen an interesting webpage and hope to save it for later use? Or even have encountered a beautiful picture and need to save it in a PDFfile? Do not worry! You can do as what you like on Mountain Lion, for many applications in Mac OS X Mountain Lion enable to save files as PDF. Here are some ways.

1. Save images, interesting web pages and text files as PDF.  You can save wepages (.html, .htm, .webarchive), images (.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, gif, tiff), and text files (.rtf, .rtfd, .text) as PDF documents on Mac with Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac.  And only in 2 simple steps, you'll achieve your goal.

Step 1. Install Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac.

Click Download to get PDFelement for Mac trial version and install it on your Mac. It's fully compatible with any Mac running in Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. For Windows users, please try the Windows PDF Creator.

Download Mac VersionDownload Win Version

Step 2. Save images, web pages, text files as PDF

With Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac, you have 2 choices to save images, web pages, and text files as PDF documents. Both will do. Just select the one that you prefer.

Control-click to save images, web pages, text files as PDF documents. You can control click on a file that you want to save as PDF on Mac. In the popped up menu, select "Open With Wondershare PDF Editor". And then you can see Wondershare PDF Editor opens the file as a PDF file. What you need to do is to held down Command and S on the keyboard to save the file on your Mac.

convert webpage to PDF

Launch PDF Editor to save images, web pages, text files as PDF documents. If you have multiple files to convert to PDF or need to combine files into a PDF file, you should launch PDF Editor and open a PDF file. And then click File in the ribbon, select Create PDF from File or Combine Files into a Single PDF. If you select Create PDF from File, then you can open multiple files and save them as PDF documents respectively. If you select Combine Files into a Single PDF, then you can import a range of files and combine them into a single PDF document.

webpage to pdf converter

2. Save Microsoft files, like Word, PowerPoint, Excel on Mac as PDF files. To save these Microsoft Office files as PDF files,  just open them in Mac OS X with a default apps, say TextEdit. Go to "File" menu, choose "Print". Now you could a dialogue box which offers some options for the printing. Click the "PDF" tab to reveal options, and then click "Save as PDF". Choose a folder on your Mac to save the target PDF files and set names for them. Click "save".  This way is pretty easy to help you achieve your goal.



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