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How to Convert GIF to PDF on Mac

"I have a collection of GIF images and want to convert these GIF images to PDF format. I found that many sites offer converting GIF to PDF online. However, they only allow me to convert a GIF image at a time. Is there a quick way to perform batch conversion? Can I combine these images into a single PDF? Guys, any suggestion? "

Like the user above, want to convert GIF images to PDF format? If you've searched "convert GIF to PDF" in Google Search box, I am sure you've seen all kinds of info about GIF to PDF converters. However, many of them are online converters. In this article, I share with you an easy way to convert GIF to PDF on your computer. Only in 2 steps, you'll get satisfying PDF documents.

Step 1 Install GIF to PDF Converter

Click Download to get GIF to PDF converter. As you see both GIF to PDF Converter Windows and Mac trial versions are available to download. After downloading, please install it on your computer. In the following, I focus on how to convert GIF to PDF on Mac with the GIF to PDF Converter for Mac. For Windows users, the moment you launch GIF to PDF Converter for Windows, you can convert GIF to PDF by click "from File" in Convert menu.

Step 2 Convert GIF to PDF on Mac

After you've installed GIF to PDF Converter for Mac, which is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, and 10.10, you have 2 option to convert GIF to PDF on Mac.

To convert a single GIF image to PDF, just control-click the GIF image. From the drop-down menu, choose "Open With Wondershare PDFelement". And then you'll see the GIF image is opened with this PDF tool as a PDF file. After that, you only need to save the PDF file on your Mac.

convert gif to pdf

To convert a range of GIF images to PDF or combine several GIF images into a single PDF file, you should launch the GIF to PDF Converter for Mac first and open a PDF file (any PDF file will do). From the File menu in the ribbon, navigate to Create > "PDF From File" or "Combine Files into a Single PDF".

gif to pdf mac

If you click "Create PDF From File", then you'll be able to open multiple GIF images in different of windows. Then you can hold down Command and S on keyboard to save them as PDF file respectively. Surely, you can also open only one GIF image as well.

After clicking "Combine Files into a Single PDF", a "Combine Files" window will appear. And then you can click the add file icon to add as many as GIF images you want and combine them into a single PDF file. To arrange the order, just drag the file up or down.

gif to pdf mac



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