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How to Create PDF Watermark in Mac OS X Mountain Lion/Windows PC?

Does it still bother you that you do not know how to create PDF watermark? In daily life, to make your dissertation impressive or to increase brand awareness, you need to create a watermark for your PDF files. How dio you create captivating PDF watermarks? Well, to create a PDF watermark, first you need a PDF watermark creator. Below are some simple steps on how to create PDF watermarks in Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 8.


Step 1. Download and install PDF Watermark Creator

As I’ve mentioned, to create PDF Watermark, a PDF Watermark Creator is needed. Instead of looking for such a kind of PDF tool on the Internet by trial and error, you can have my recommendation here: Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac or Wondershare PDF Editor. After geting the installation file, install it on your computer.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


Step 2. Create PDF watermark

After installing the PDF app, quickly launch it. And then open the PDF file on which you want to create a watermark.

On Mac PDF Watermark Creator, go to Document >Watermark >Add Watermark. And then on the pop-up, create a text or image watermark. To create a text watermark, enter the text in the text box. And you are capable of customizing the font, appearance, and position of the text watermark. To create an image watermark, select the "Picture" option and  add the prepared image. In this dialogue box, you can even apply the watermark to the whole PDF file.

add watermark to PDF

Note: If you're using the Windows PDF Watermark Creator, go to the Insert Menu. Select "Add Watermark" from the Watermark drop-down list. And then you can also create and customize your stylish PDF watermark.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version



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