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Best PDF Reader for Windows 7

Look for a PDF Reader for your Windows 7 PC? To be honest, it is very necessary to install a Windows 7 PDF Reader, either for study for work. To get info from a PDF file, you need to open the PDF file with a PDF Reader. Below I’d like to share with you my favorite PDF Reader: Wondershare PDF Editor.

Download the PDF Reader trial version to have a try! If you’re a Mac user, you can try the PDF Reader Mac version.

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Wondershare PDF Editor provides users 4 modes to read a PDF file in Windows 7: Single, Continuous, Facing and Facing Continuous. For normal reading, you can read PDF in Single or Continuous mode. To read a PDF file like reading a book, try the Facing mode. If you need to compare the relevant content on several continuous pages, try the Facing Continuous, which will display 4 pages at a time. To zoom in or zoom out, click to select the percentage to zoom in or zoom out.

PDF Reader for Windows 7

This PDF Reader for Windows 7 also allows you to read several different PDF files simultaneously. Clicking the Switch Windows, you’ll be able to open more new windows to display different PDF files. This feature is very helpful when you need to check the similarities or differences among these PDF files.

Besides useful reading modes, a PDF reader should provide annotating tools as well. You might need to take notes or mark up PDF content when reading. As one of the best PDF readers for Windows 7, Wondershare PDF Editor offers users easy to use annotating and marking up tools. Clicking the Insert Note tool, you can select to insert sticky note or text box. To mark up PDF content, you’re able to select highlighter, underline, strikethrough, all kinds of shapes and freehand tools.

 PDF Reader for Windows 7

See, the above mentioned are the features of the Windows 7 PDF Reader - Wondershare PDF Editor. Try by yourself. I’m pretty sure you’ll find more interesting and useful features to handle PDF files.

Try the Windows 7 PDF Reader by yourself!

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