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Best PDF Form Generator for Windows

Looking for a tool to generate PDF form? If so, take a glimpse of the best PDF form generator – Wondershare PDFelement. The newly released version 4.1 comes with full features to fill and generate PDF forms. If you do not know how to generate PDF forms, follow the steps below to learn the details.

Step 1 Install the PDF Form Generator

Click the download button to get PDF form generator installation package. After downloading, double click the .exe file and follow the prompts to install it on your computers.

Step 2 Download PDF form templates

It is much easier and quicker to generate PDF form from a form template than starting from scratch. So here, before you generate a PDF form, please download a template from the Internet or our template page. It is very easy to find a template from the Internet. Taking residential tenancy agreement as an example, when you enter "residential tenancy agreement" in Google Search Box, you'll get thousands of results.

Step 3 Generate PDF forms

Basically, you might get 2 types of PDF form template. One is with interactive fields. Another one is as plain as a word document with blank areas. Wondershare PDF Editor supports both of them.

Generate a PDF form with interactive fields

Now PDF form with interactive field is the most popular form type. It is very easy for recipients to fill out this kind of PDF form. With free or online PDF form fillers, recipients will make it. To generate a PDF form with interactive fields on Wondershare PDF Editor is simple. Open the PDF form template with the PDF Form Generator. Click Form, click Edit Field enter the editing form mode. Select a kind of interactive field, move mouse to the PDF form to draw the field. Double click the added field to set the properties for the PDF form. This is how to add interactive fields to the PDF form. To revise and delete text, in the Home Menu, click Edit tool. Double click the text block to enter or delete text. To add new text, in the Insert Menu, select Text, click on the PDF form to add new text.

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Note: When you need to add, correct or even delete an interactive field, please make sure you've clicked Edit Field to enter the editing form mode. To preview a completed form, click Close Form Editing to exit the editing mode.

Generate PDF form with text and blanks

Now some people still like forms with blanks. To generate this kind of PDF form, after opening the form template with Wondershare PDF Editor, in the Home menu, click Edit tool to double click the text or image to revise or delete. To add new text in blank area, select Add Text in Edit Menu, click in the PDF form to insert new text. If you find this way is troublesome, you can make a form in a Word document, then try Wondershare PDF Editor to generate it as a PDF form.

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