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Best PDF DRM Removal Tool for Mac OS X Mountain Lion/Windows 7

Are you looking for a PDF DRM removal tool to remove PDF DRM protection? I know how daunting it is when you finally get a desired PDF file only to find that you cannot copy, edit, or even print the PDF because of the protection. If you’re still bothered by the problem, then try Wondershare PDF Password Remover.

Wondershare PDF Password Remover is a professional PDF DRM Remover that was specially designed for users to remove PDF protection. It allows users to remove the PDF protection that prevents people from copying, editing, and printing PDF files with only 3 steps. Read the simple steps below to learn how to remove PDF DRM.

Step 1. Download PDF DRM Removal tool

Click the download button to download Wondershare PDF Password Remover. If you're a Windows users, download the Windows version. If you have an iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, download the Mac version. After downloading the installation package, install it on your computer. In this article, I focus on how to remove PDF DRM protection on Mac. For Windows user, please read this guide.

Download PDF Password Remover Trial Version!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 2. Upload PDF files

On Mac PDF DRM Removal app, drag and drop PDF files to the main interface. Or you can click "Add File" in the File menu right beside the Apple icon on the very top left. Becasue this app supports removing DRM protections from multiple PDF files, so you can upload a range of  PDF files each time.

PDF DRM Remover

Step 3. Remove PDF DRM in Mac OS X Mountain Lion 

If you see a lock appears on the PDF item bar, you need to click it to enter the authorized password to open the PDF file first. Otherwise you can't remove the PDF DRM protection. If there is no lock, you're lucky. You just need to click Start to remove PDF DRM. Bingo! That's it! You've made it. In a few minutes, the process should be done. And then, you can check these output PDF files in the output folder: Go to Password Remover > Preferences… > Destination to find where the output folder is.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version



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