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Free PDF Readers for iPad You Should Never Miss

Are you looking for a PDF reader for iPad (iPad mini or the new iPad) to read PDF files? Now there are dozens of developers offering PDF readers for free. You can directly download them from iTunes Store and install on your iPad. If you don't know any such kind of PDF reader for iPad, you can read on to learn some. I've listed some of the most popular PDF readers for iPad below.

iBooks - The first PDF reader for iPad I'd like to recommend to you is iPad default PDF reader, iBooks. iBooks could be your first option to read PDF files on iPad. Whenever you sync a PDF eBook to iPad via iTunes, you'll always find it in iBooks. And iBooks offers a three reading mode for page layouts, including Book, Scroll, and Full Screen. It allows you to highlight favorite passages and add notes. Later you’re able to print PDF documents and the notes you’ve added using AirPrint.

Stanza is one of the most popular PDF readers for iPad. It's freeware that allows users to read PDF eBooks easily and for totally free. It has a separate version for iPad. Stanza renders PDF pages with an extremely fast speed. And what's deeply impressed me is its integrated dictionary. With the dictionary, whenever you encounter a word or phrase you don't know, you can click the word or phrase to check its meaning. It's very convenient. Besides supporting PDF, it can also support eBooks in EPUB, MOBI, Amazon Kindle, PalmDoc, MS Word, RTF, HTML, etc. as well. In a word, Stanza is a comprehensive PDF reader for iPad.

PDF Reader for iPad

CloudReader is capable of displaying two PDF pages side-by-size, making reading PDF files on iPad more like reading paper-based books. You can use the USB cable to transfer PDF to the CouldReader directly. In addition, it renders PDF files at an ultra fast speed.

Adobe Reader has released a version for iPad. If you're used to using Adobe Reader to read PDF files on computer, then this Adobe Reader for iPad is a good choice for you to read PDF on iPad. It is able to connect to Dropbox or some other platforms to open and read PDF's that are shared across other computers/devices. And it supports nearly 20 languages. 

PDFStorm is a professional PDF Reader for iPad. It enables users to upload PDF via Wi-Fi, add bookmarks, search PDF files and render PDFs with an utmost speed. You can sit or lay cozily to read PDF files on iPad with the corresponding mode.

PDF Reader for iPad



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