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How to Annotate PDF Files in Windows 8

Need to mark up the PDF textbooks during the lecture? Or add comment to a PDF report? One of friends said that my article how to annotate PDF in Mac OS X is helpful in assisting her to annotate PDF in Mac. Inspired by her, I think it is very necessary to share my experience in annotating PDF in Windows PC as well. So this is where this article comes from. The following is all about how to annotate PDF in Windows XP/7/Vista.

To annotate PDF, we need a PDF editor. Among these famous PDF editing tools, I'd prefer Wondershare PDFelement. It is a professional PDF file tool which is specially designed for individuals and small businessed to manage PDF files. With it, you'll add comments to a PDF file easily and efficiently. See how to use it to annotate PDF files.

Note:The PDFelement is available on both Windows and Mac here. If you have a Mac, you can try the Mac tool as well. This article is all about how to annotate PDF on Windows PC.

1. Add Sticky Note and Text Box

Sticky Note and Text Box are widely used to add comment on a PDF. To add a Sticky Note or a Text Box, just in the Comment menu, click the Insert Sticky Note tool or Insert Text Box. And then place the Sticky Note or Text Box on the PDF where you desire it to be and enter your comment. To delete the added Sticky Note or Text Box, two options are available. Click the Annotation menu to reveal the annotation list on the very left. And then you can see the annotation you add. Just click on it and press the Delete key. Or on the PDF file, select the Sticky Note or Text Box icon and then press the Delete key.

annotate pdf

2. Mark up PDF content

Sometimes you might want to mark up the PDF content by highlighting, underlining, or striking through the lines. To do this, under the Home menu, click the Hightlight, Underline, or Strikethrough icon and then mark up the PDF content. To add all kinds of shapes, click the graphics on the list and place it on the PDF file.

3. Freehand Drawing

Freehand drawing is interesting. To draw line and write on the PDF, click the Pencil to enable the feature. And then draw and write freely on the PDF file. To delete the drawing, use the Pencil Eraser.

annotate pdf

This is my experience of using Wondershare PDFelement to annotate PDF files in Windows PC. If you're a Mac user, please read how to annotate PDF in Mac >>

Watch the video tutorial for how to annotate a PDF file



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