OCR Plugin


Turn scanned PDFs into fully selectable, searchable, and editable files. After enabling the OCR Plug-in on Wondershare PDF Element, all features in PDF Element will be applicable to scanned PDFs, such as:

• Recognize text from scanned, image-based PDF files.
• Enable you to search text within the scanned PDF files.
• Let you copy text and images from scanned PDF files.
• Empower you to edit scanned PDFs on Wondershare PDFelement.
• Support multiple languages: German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese Traditional.

Notice: To use the OCR Plug-in, you have to install Wondershare PDF Element first, namely the OCR Plug-in must go with Wondershare PDF Element.

Lifetime License

How to Enable OCR Plug-in

Notice: Wondershare PDFelement OCR Plug-in only works with Wondershare PDFelement Windows version. If you haven’t bought Wondershare PDFelement yet, please buy it first. The OCR plug-in is only available for Wondershare PDFelement registered users. If you’re already a Wondershare PDFelement registered user, please follow the steps below to learn how to enable the OCR Plug-in.


Buy Wondershare PDF OCR Plug-in

The first thing you need to do is click the Buy button to buy the OCR Plug-in. No trial version is available. To use the OCR Plug-in, you have to buy it first. The moment you complete the order, you’ll receive an email that includes the OCR Plug-in download link and registration code.


Download and install Wondershare PDF OCR Plug-in

Click the OCR Plug-in download link in the email you’ve received to download the OCR Plug-in installation package. After the download, double-click it to install the OCR plug-in.



Register OCR Plug-in

After installing, a prompt will pop up, asking you to enter the licensed email and registration code. Just enter the info to register.



Perform OCR

After the registration, all features in PDFelement for native PDF files will be applicable to scanned PDFs. Whenever you open a scanned PDF on Wondershare PDFelement, a pop-up will appear, reminding you of selecting the OCR Recognition Language for the PDF file and performing OCR. Just select the language you need and click the Perform OCR button, you’ll successfully make the scanned PDF selectable, searchable, and editable.